How to Fix Bad Apple Watch Battery Life

This guide will show you how to fix bad Apple Watch battery life. This applies to all Apple Watch models, including the first model up to Apple Watch 3 with LTE. Battery life complaints are one of the most common Apple Watch problems, but most of the time you can fix it on your own.

Apple rates Apple Watch battery life at around 18 hours with average usage. That means your Apple Watch battery should last a full day, including checking your Apple Watch 90 times, using apps for 45 minutes, listening to music for 30 minutes over Bluetooth. This takes into account a workout and also takes into account WiFi and LTE connectivity.

If you have bad Apple Watch battery life, you can fix it by taking some steps on your watch and using the Watch app on your iPhone. If you can’t use it all day, your Apple Watch battery life is definitely bad. After pairing the Apple Watch, your iPhone battery life should stay roughly the same. If it gets worse, you may need to restart both devices or re-pair the Apple Watch.

Fix Bad Apple Watch Battery Life

One of the situations where most people find Apple Watch battery life bad is right after they receive the watch or install a major watchOS update that adds new features. There’s a good chance this isn’t something you need to fix. Often times this means you are using new features and watch faces and running out of battery. Sometimes you will find that it simply clears up by waiting a day or two.

Check out what your Apple Watch battery life usage looks like.

One of the first things to check is if your watch has entered Standby mode. This is when you are not actively using it and you should see more cooldown than usage time.

  1. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Go to Usage.
  4. Scroll to Time Since Last Full Charge.

This will show you the Apple Watch battery failure. It doesn’t show you which apps are using the most battery or any details that will help you fix your bad Apple Watch battery life, other than just showing you if standby isn’t working.

Restart Your Apple Watch

The first thing to do is restart your Apple Watch. It’s a small step, but it’s the first step you should take before worrying about other problems.

  1. Press and hold the Digital Crown and side button for about 10 seconds.
  2. You will see an Apple logo and then you can let go.

This restarts the Apple Watch. This can fix many battery life issues in less than a minute. You may also want to restart your iPhone right now.

Re-Pair Apple Watch

If problems persist, you may need to re-pair Apple Watch using the steps outlined in the video below. If you do, it may fix your problems even if you restore from a backup. If you’re worried, you may need to set it up as a new Apple Watch instead of restoring from a backup to play it safe.

  1. Tap your watch in the Apple Watch app.
  2. Tap the i button to the right of your watch.
  3. Tap Unpair Your Apple Watch.
  4. Confirm that you want to Unpair your Apple Watch.

You can now follow the instructions below to pair your Apple Watch and decide to set it up as new or restore from backup.

This process can take some time, so make sure you do it when you’re at home and have free time. You will need the Apple Watch on the charger to pair with your iPhone.

Change Watch Face for Better Battery Life

The OLED screen on the Apple Watch only uses power when it shows anything other than black. If you are very worried about bad Apple Watch battery life, you should try using a watch face with more black in it.

You’ll notice the biggest difference if you’re currently using photos as a watch face or time-lapse watch face. Choose a new watch face that is blacker and it can help you get better battery life.

A black watch face can help with battery life.

A black watch face can help with battery life.

Control Your Apple Watch Notifications

When you get a notification every 2 seconds and raise your hand to look at your watch, you’ll extend your battery life. We have minimized notifications so that we can only receive them for important things. You can expect better Apple Watch battery life if you narrow down your notifications to only those you really need on your wrist. Go to.

Apple Watch Apps and Battery Life

If you’re not using an Apple Watch app, you should delete it. This can help you get better battery life. Do we fully understand why this works? Not really, but getting rid of apps you don’t use can be almost as helpful as limiting your notifications. You can delete them from Apple Watch using the Watch app on iPhone. .

You can also try using Power Reserve to get better battery life when you can’t reach a power source. If you still have problems with it

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