How to Fix Authy Codes Not Working Issue

Two-factor authentication (2FA) codes act as a layer of security to protect your login credentials from hackers. Like a watchful guard. It’s useful in case your password is compromised, as hackers won’t have the 2FA code. A popular 2FA code generator is Authy, which offers some advanced features not found in apps like Microsoft Authenticator. So what if Authy codes aren’t working when you need them most?

Therefore, you cannot log in and access your account. This is ironic. Although the problem may seem serious, there are ways to fix it. Without further ado, we have to take a look at a few solutions to help you get your security back on track.

Let’s start.

1. Check Authy Account Details

Open the app and tap the gear-shaped Settings icon at the top. The screenshots below are from Authy for iPhone, and if you’re using an Android phone, the layout may be slightly different.

Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 2
Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 1

You will see your Authy account ID, email ID and mobile phone number that you used to create this account in the My Account tab. Everything looks good? The phone number used to set up the 2FA code must match the phone number used to register your Authy account. If you used a different number to scan the account in question, you can request a phone number change.

2. Use Backup Codes

Any app, site, or service that offers two-factor authentication provides backup codes at the time of creation. In case of an emergency, you should have noted it down somewhere safe, preferably offline or online with strong encryption. Usually, backup codes are displayed after scanning the QR code with the Authy app. Try one of the backup codes to log in until you fix the Authy codes not working error.

3. Sync Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to 2-factor authentication apps like Authy. Notice how a new code/token is generated every 30 seconds? Time plays an important role here and your smartphone’s clock must be correctly synchronized with the official time.

Do you sync the time manually, don’t want to use the internet to adjust it, or travel to a different time zone? You need to set the correct time under Settings > Additional settings > Date and time.

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Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 3
Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 4

Enable Automatic Date & time and Automatic time zone. Location and options may vary slightly depending on the device you are using.

Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 6
Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 5

Google recently updated the Authenticator app with an option to automatically sync and fix time settings on your smartphone. Maybe Authy will follow suit.

4. Clear Cache and Data

To be safe, you should clear the cache and data of the Authy app and start fresh. This method will only work for Android users as there is no way to clear cache on iPhones and iPads.

Stage 1: Open Settings > Applications > Manage applications and search for Authy. Choose.

Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 10
Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 9

Step 2: Tap on Clear data at the bottom of the screen and select both Clear all data and Clear cache.

Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 12
Problem 11 Fixing Authy Codes Not Working

5. Using the Multi-Device Option

Well, it only applies to those using the multi-device setup where Authy is installed on multiple smartphones. Some users like to have multiple Authy accounts to separate their work and private lives.

Ideally, you should see the same Authy ID on all devices for codes to sync correctly. If you see different IDs, your main ID (Authy account) is the ID that also carries your current phone number. You can check it as shown in point 1 above.

Stage 1: For the 2FA code not working on your main Authy account, sign in to that 2FA account’s website (for example, Facebook) and use the 2FA code on your other or second device to sign in. You can also use a backup code. After that disable the 2FA code option.

Step 2: Open your main Authy account on the smartphone and remove all devices except for This Device under Settings > Devices.

Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 7

Stage 3: Now you will re-add the 2FA account as you did before to make sure everything is in sync.

Step 4: Enable Multi-device if it’s not already turned on, allow the newly added account to sync, then uninstall Authy and reinstall it on your main device.

Fixing Authy Codes Not Working Issue 8

2FA codes should now sync on both devices, show the same code on both devices at the same time, and both should work for you to sign in.

Note: You can also contact Authy support. They are very responsive and should be able to figure it out for you.

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In the Code We Trust

Authy is a great 2FA app that works on multiple platforms, is free, and has tons of features that make life easier. However, different users have different needs. And it’s wise to have a backup plan. Here is what I did.

I scan the same 2FA code on two separate phones using both Authy and Google Authenticator. It is not possible for me to lose both phones or access both apps at the same time. Not to mention that Authy also has a cloud backup and multi-device feature. One of the phones is a spare one that stays safe in my office drawer so I never lose it until my house burns down. And then there are the backup codes. Now you can call me paranoid but that’s me.

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