How to Find Zoom Meeting Password on Mobile and PC?

Were you trying to join a Zoom meeting when you were shown an ‘Enter Zoom meeting password’ popup? Now you have to wonder, ‘Where is my Zoom password?’ And why does Zoom suddenly require a password? After several complaints about ‘zoombombing’ events, Zoom opens passwords and waiting rooms by default. You don’t have to worry because it’s very easy to find the password on Zoom. Let’s see how to do this.

Previously, you only needed the meeting ID or invite link to join a meeting on Zoom. While it was an easy process, the results were dire. Therefore, a password must be given for every meeting held on Zoom.

Let’s find out the Zoom meeting password on Windows PC or mobile without making you wait any longer.

Why Does Zoom Ask for Meeting Passwords?

While Zoom app downloads have skyrocketed over the past few months, it’s also under intense scrutiny. Criticisms of the lack of privacy are alarming. While some reports suggest that Zoom is not end-to-end protected, others are facing the Zoom bombing issue where unwanted attendees can join your meetings.

To solve the Zoom bombing, Zoom enabled the password feature by default for all meetings. So every new meeting you create will now have a password. In this way, only those who have the password are authorized to join your meeting.

Find zoom meeting password 14

In addition to passwords, you now have to manually add people to your meeting. This is because all attendees are hosted in a virtual waiting room, which is enabled by default. They join a meeting only when the host accepts them.

Do We Need to Create a Password?

No. The password is automatically generated by Zoom. You don’t have to do anything.

How to Find Zoom Meeting Password?

The zoom password is only visible to the host, who must share it with other attendees.

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Here’s how to find Zoom passwords on PC and mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Find Zoom Password in Windows 10

There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: Find Password When Creating Meeting

Stage 1: Launch the Zoom application on your PC.

Step 2: Click New Meeting.

Find Zoom meeting password 2

Stage 3: In the window that opens, you will see that the Password is written. You need to share it with other people who will be joining via the meeting ID.

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Alternatively, if you invite them via a link, the password is appended to the invite URL in an encrypted form. Notice the ‘pwd’ in the link? The alphanumeric text after the equal sign is the password. The buyer needs to click the link. The password box will not appear because the link now has a password.

Similarly, for meetings created with your Personal Meeting ID, click the small down arrow on the Zoom app’s home screen. Click on your meeting ID and select Copy Invitation.

Find zoom meeting password 3

Send the invitation to your email, chat, etc. paste it. You will receive an invite link with a password attached. If the connection does not work for any reason, the password is also specified. Enter the Meeting ID along with the password.

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Method 2. Find Password While in Meeting

To do this, click on the tiny ‘i’ icon in the upper left corner of the meeting screen. You will see your meeting details such as the invite link, password and more. Share the password with meeting participants.

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View Password for Scheduled Meetings

If you have a scheduled meeting, you must share the password with others. You can resend them the new invite link or share the password.

To do this, click the Meetings tab at the top of the Zoom desktop application. There you will find your scheduled meetings. Click Show meeting invitation to view details such as password and updated invitation link.

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Find Zoom Passcode on Android and iPhone

If you’re creating a new meeting, click the New Meeting icon in the Zoom app, then click Start Meeting. You will find the meeting password mentioned above just below the meeting ID.

Note: Look for the password in the same place in case of ongoing meetings.

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Find zoom meeting password 8

Alternatively, tap Attendees at the bottom. Then select Invite.

Find zoom meeting password 9
Find zoom meeting password 10

Select an app or tap Copy URL. The password will be added to the invite URL.

Find zoom meeting password 11

How to Use Zoom Password

As the host, your job is to share the password with the attendees. As mentioned before, if an updated invite link is shared, you do not need to share the password separately, as the password is added to the link.

As a participant, simply click on the invite link. If you are joining via a Meeting ID, you must manually type the password.

How to Disable Zoom Password

Let me clarify. The host cannot remove Zoom meeting passwords. Although there is an option in the Zoom settings, the Zoom manager has locked it. This means a password is required for all Zoom meetings for now.

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However, you can change the password for meetings created with your Personal Meeting ID. For this, open the link Scroll down and you will see the option ‘Require password for Personal Meeting ID’. Click the edit icon next to the password. Type a new password.

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Fix: Zoom Meeting Password Not Working Issue

Zoom showing an incorrect password error? Try these tips to fix it.

Update Application

You should start by updating your Zoom app wherever you use it. It would also be a good choice to restart your laptop or phone running Zoom.

Be patient

Take a deep breath and carefully and slowly type the password shared by your server. Hopefully, this should do the trick.

Check Num Lock

You should have a look at the Num Lock key on your PC. When enabled, you can use the numbers on the key. And if it is disabled, the numbers will not work. So, press the Num Lock key to activate the numbers. Then try entering the Zoom password again.

Windows 10 keyboard special characters not working 14

Confirm with Host

Sometimes the host ends the meeting even if you have the necessary details. Therefore, confirm with your host whether the meeting is still in progress.

Change is good

You may not like the idea of ​​entering an extra password step to join a meeting. However, it was a necessary step to be taken in today’s world. We hope Zoom continues to add such privacy-related features to its apps.

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