How to Find Lost Galaxy Note 4

There’s nothing worse than the heart-wrenching feeling of losing a smartphone these days. Especially if you lose your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Smartphones are an essential part of most users’ lives, not to mention they often have tons of sensitive data. If an unfortunate event happens or is stolen, you will want to be prepared for the situation.

When it comes to protecting or recovering your smartphone from loss or theft, there are several different options available for Android users. If you lose your Galaxy Note 4, you’ll want Google’s Android Device Manager installed to save the day.

Similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google has its own option called Android Device Manager that all users should know about. It’s been available for a while, but last year it was finally updated to offer enough features worth talking about. Users can find a lost device in their own home or across town. Read on for more information on how to find your lost Galaxy Note 4.

We’re approaching the two highest months of the year for smartphone theft, April and May, and the chances of your new Galaxy Note 4 getting lost or stolen are still a bit high all summer. People go out, go shopping, hang out at the pool, or usually leave the house as the weather improves. If you value this brand new smartphone, you’ll want to be prepared for an event.

You’ll want to be protected year-round because finding a lost or stolen Android device can be quite a challenge, not to mention trying to protect all the important and often sensitive information that resides on our smartphones these days. Android Device Manager isn’t talked about very often by Google, but it should be. It’s been updated with tons of features that everyone should install and install in 2013, and we’ll go over the benefits and how-tos below.

The new Android Device Manager will allow users to locate their Galaxy Note 4 and delete and delete all data and information directly from their home computer or laptop as needed. There’s also a lockdown feature if you don’t want to delete all your data, but clearing your information may be your safest bet. Then Google added an option to make your device ring if you can’t find it, which is pretty neat.

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If your Galaxy Note 4 is lost at home or at a friend’s house, Android Device Manager can turn the volume up to 100% and play it with full blast to help you find it, or wipe all data and lock the screen if you’re afraid it’s lost. lost or stolen. These are necessary to protect your information, so let’s get started.

To activate your new Galaxy Note 4, go to the Google Play Store and select the official Android Device Manager app. This app will not only explain how ADM works, it will allow you to set up the device you just set up, but you can also manage and access other devices from this app on a mobile device. So you can use it to find your Note 4 on your Galaxy Tab S or to find another Android smartphone or tablet on any Android device. The image below is from an HTC One M8, but the same setup is required on the Note 4.

device Manager

Once installed, you’ll want to open the app, learn about Android Device Manager, and hit the “Setup Lock and Erase” button below to set everything up. It’s all self-explanatory and super easy to do, so feel free to complete this as soon as you get your Note 4.

Users can also start and make all settings by going to: on your computer. This will instantly start the ADM service which will let you scroll through your device list. This is where you can name your Galaxy Note 4, find its location or delete all data as we mentioned above. If you have more than one device, scroll the list and let ADM do all the work.

ADM list

Find Your Lost Galaxy Note 4

Using ADM on another device or from a PC, you will go to the Android Device Manager page and monitor your Galaxy Note 4. For the Galaxy Note 4 (or any Android device for that matter), simply find it from the drop-down menu. If you renamed it, search for that name. Android Device Manager uses GPS and Wi-Fi to track location, often within a few meters and everything is ready.

From here the GPS finder button will track the lost or stolen device for you. Google cautions users to never attempt to retrieve a lost device themselves and to contact the police. We would have to agree. Bringing a law enforcement officer with you to try and retrieve a stolen smartphone is probably your best and safest option.

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Screenshot 2014-05-07, 2.00.05 PM

In our screenshot above the location is not extremely accurate, it shows 24 metres, but that’s because I’m in a secure community and I don’t usually disable GPS on my smartphone. For most users this will be extremely true and you will find the Galaxy Note 4 in a matter of seconds. This is also where you can hit the “Play” button to make some noise and find your lost Galaxy Note 4 at home, or even erase all your data if your fears come true and someone steals it. Never touch another person’s smartphone, it’s not nice.

To sum it up, all you need is Android Device Manager installed on your Galaxy Note 4, then you can use any other Android device or desktop to find, retrieve, steal, delete or lock your Note. Whatever the case, Google has you covered.

It is also worth noting that Samsung has its own protection tools integrated into the Note 4. Reactivation Lock. It will actually lock the device (even after a factory data reset) so thieves can’t use it once it’s stolen. Asking a thief to enter your Samsung login credentials before factory data resetting the device.

This means they can’t delete it and they can’t erase the device so you can log into Android Device Manager and find it. Combine everything above and you should be pretty well protected.