How to find deleted contacts on Android

You just met a beautiful girl/handsome guy in a bar or on the street and you managed to get her number you rushed to get into her directory. But you are nervous, you do the wrong manipulation and you delete the contact. Then you tell yourself that everything is lost, but do not panic, there is a simple solution on Android to find deleted contacts. And there is no need for software like SMS.

How to find deleted contacts on Android

On Android you normally have associate your contacts with your Gmail account, and suddenly every time you add a contact it will sync with your account and it is this feature that we will use to find your accidentally deleted contacts.

First, you should check if the sync is actually active. To do this go to settings, then account, then google and Check if the contacts are checked. If you deleted a contact, you should go to Gmail on your computer and:

  • Click on Gmail in the top left, then on Contact


  • There you will be redirected to the new contacts page
  • Click on “More” and then “Restore contacts”


  • There is a choice, Google remembers contacts deleted in the last 30 days


Here you have restored your deleted contacts.

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As always, we hope this tutorial will be useful in case of misuse. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, if there are other ways to do things, let us know too! And if not, have you ever accidentally deleted a contact?

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