How to Find Command Prompt in Windows 8.1

Windows has become more stable and user-friendly over the years. Every command, nearly every one of them, is presented directly to users through Windows Explorer, which users are used to seeing on a daily basis. It’s all Windows Explorer when browsing your hard drive or even looking at a System information menu. However, Windows didn’t always look like this, in the past PC users had to dive into a screen that eliminated all the user interfaces we enjoy today and just type in the actions they wanted to do. In Windows 8.1 it is called Command Prompt.

Here’s how to find the Command Prompt in Windows 8.1.

Go to by pressing the Windows key on your device’s keyboard. Tablet and 2-in-1 users can also press the Windows button just below their device’s screen.

Hover your mouse cursor over it to reveal the Charms Bar and then click or Search. Touch users should place their finger on the right side of their screen and swipe left to reveal the Charms Bar and then tap on it.

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to the search box in the right drop-down menu. Make sure you typed the phrase correctly in the search box and hit enter or the search key. Touch users should tap the search box and then type Command Prompt using their device’s onscreen keyboard.

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It’s important to remember not to use the Command Prompt interface if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, how to send commands, or if you’re talking to a trained support member who walks you through the entire process. Entering commands is not as simple as pointing and clicking items on the screen. Spelling must be precise and characters must be precise.

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Although Command Prompt can be accessed from tablets and traditional computers such as laptops and desktops, it’s a good idea to find a keyboard if you plan to use Command Prompt on your tablet. Otherwise, typing each command may take some time.

Windows 8.1 is available for free for all Windows 8 users, simply go to the Windows Store app to download and install it. Be careful, the download and installation process may take some time.

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