How to Find an iPhone 6 in Stock at Local Stores?

Since the launch of the iPhone 6 last month, the device has been up for pre-order, and many users say it will take a few weeks before they get their units. However, a new online tool now tells you which stores have the iPhone 6 in stock.

It is not surprising that the iPhone 6 is in high demand. Apple seems to sell a lot of iPhones every year when a new model comes out, and with each new year more and more consumers are taking advantage of the latest iPhone.

It’s a few weeks after the iPhone 6 launch, and there are still buyers who want to own Apple’s new smartphone, and a new online tool should help those looking to get one in store.

called iStockNow and it shows a map of every Apple Store in the US and which stores have the iPhone 6 in stock and which do not. The map can even show Best Buy and Target locations with the new device in stock.

At the top, you can filter out specific iPhone 6 models and show only stores that have a specific iPhone 6 variant in stock; this helps a lot if you are looking for a specific color or storage size. You can even enter your zip code to see what the nearest stores have in stock.

The developer claims the map is updated in real time, so what you see is a live view of which stores currently have the iPhone 6 in stock.

One thing to note with Target is that buyers won’t be able to buy an iPhone 6 Plus outright, but instead will have to tie it into a contract; this means you cannot purchase the device at full retail price. agreement. This is probably because the device is in such low stock and the store wants to stay away from sellers.

It’s also probably a good idea to call your local Target store to make sure the iPhone 6 is in stock, even if the tool says so. However, when doing a search myself, almost all Target locations in my area said they have the iPhone 6 in stock.

Of course, it depends on what color and storage size you want, but we’re guessing the 16GB models will go fast, while the high-capacity models may sell slower.

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Looking at the map, most stores seem to have the iPhone 6s in stock, and this could be a sign that Apple is quickly getting more units to sell to consumers, especially since many buyers are seeing their backordered iPhone 6s. Units shipped earlier than originally specified.

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The iPhone 6 Plus has been hotly debated lately, with many users reporting that the larger device bends while in their pockets, and many proving that the phone can be bent with the power of their own hands. Of course, this triggered the popular term “Bendgate” and Apple came under a lot of fire for this obvious design flaw in the larger iPhone.

Of course, Apple says it will replace the bent iPhone 6 units, so you don’t have to worry while your warranty is up. Also, you don’t have to worry about such a thing as it seems to be a rare instance affecting only a small fraction of iPhone 6 units so far.

Apple says iPhone 6 bending is “extremely rare” during normal use, which explains why there are only nine official complaints out of the 10 million iPhone 6 units sold over the opening weekend, and that number is growing. iPhone 6 continues to sell devices.

Ever since interest in the subject began to rise, YouTubers have started posting videos of the iPhone 6 being bent, and there’s even a video showing a user trying to physically bend their iPhone 6 Plus. Spoiler alert: it’s bent. Frankly, I’m surprised the phone didn’t drop in half due to the amount of pressure and power it exerts. In this case, the device held up pretty well.