How to Find a Nexus 7 in Stock at a Local Store

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is flying off store shelves and is receiving praise from many users and reviewers; which means it’s hard to find a store with a Nexus 7 tablet in stock.

The Nexus 7 16GB has sold out on the Google Play store, and the option to book the next shipment of the Nexus 7 from stores like Office Depot is gone, but you don’t have to search every store in your city to find the Nexus 7 tablet. will do the hard work and help you. Find a store that has the Nexus 7 in stock.

Find a Nexus 7 in Stock with Milo.

Milo is a local search engine with real-time stock data for a wide range of retailers. This allows you to search local stores’ stocks for a place that has a Nexus 7 tablet in stock.

The service gives the same results as searching the online stock checker on each store’s website, but provides faster access. The Milo service also works great on a smartphone where store websites may not work.

The good news is that in a short search I was able to find several Staples locations with Nexus 7 16GB tablets in stock.

The bad news is Staples is the only store where currently displays Nexus 7 stock or product information.

Milo normally returns stock data for GameStop and Best Buy, but my search did not show any Nexus 7 units or typical out-of-stock notifications at either store. and Milo apps for iPhone and Android well worth keeping on hand for monitoring hot and hard-to-find devices.

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