How to Enjoy Stock Android Interface Without Root

Tired of your smartphone builder skin? Why not go back to something closer? Nexus’ Stock Android interface ? It’s quite possible and even without root. All you have to do is check out the three apps offered directly by Google. A real kids game! Here’s how.

1. Install the Google Assistant launcher

The first thing to replace, and the most obvious, is the launcher to replace it with Google’s. All you have to do is go to the Play Store and download the Google Now Launcher.

Google Play

After the installation is complete:

  • Go to Settings > Main menu on your smartphone
  • Select “Google Assistant Launcher” as the default launcher.

Google Assistant Launcher

2. Install Google Keyboard

The second change to be made is the keyboard. Again, Nexus’s is available for free on the Play Store, so why deprive yourself of it?

Google Play

After the new keyboard is downloaded and installed:

  • see you on the menu Settings > Languages and enter your smartphone
  • Click on “Current Keyboard”
  • Click “Choose keyboards”
  • Select “Google Keyboard”

And if this keyboard doesn’t suit you, feel free to check out our best virtual keyboards.

install google keyboard

3. Install Google Camera

Is your camera app taking your eyes off you? Why don’t you install one from Google. You won’t get all the new features offered on the Nexus because the camera will always be managed by your manufacturer’s firmware, while you will benefit from the simple interface of the camera app available on the devices. stock Android. To do this, simply go to the Play Store by clicking on the image below.

Google Play

And this looks like this:

google camera
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You don’t have a Nexus here yet, and the operating system hasn’t been deeply modified. On the other hand, you did customize your phone interface and to give the same look, it is always taken!

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