How to Enable Parental Controls on Amazon Prime Video

The e-commerce giant’s platform offers movies, series and documentaries that can be watched directly on the platform, as well as programs to buy or rent via VOD. Amazon Prime Video’s parental control therefore has two purposes: it allows you to both limit viewing of videos in the catalog and restrict purchases.

How to Enable Parental Controls on Amazon Prime Video

Parental controls in Amazon Prime Video allow you to restrict what content can be purchased or viewed on your connected devices. Here’s how to restrict access to Amazon Prime Video to prevent your kids from seeing videos that aren’t age-appropriate or to avoid unpleasant surprises in your bank account after unwanted purchases.

Set a PIN to control access to Prime Video

To enable parental controls, you must first set a 5-digit PIN code. To do this, log into your Amazon Prime Video account.

From your web browser:

  • Go to
  • Click on your profile in the top right and then Account and settings
  • go to tab Parental Control and set the PIN code
Amazon Prime Video parental controls
Amazon Prime Video parental controls

From your iOS or Android smartphone:

  • Sign in to the Prime Video app.
  • meeting day My space bottom right.
  • Click on the nut icon in the top right to access the settings.
  • go to section Parental Control and click on Change Prime Video PIN.

After setting up your PIN, enter your Amazon Prime Video account password for confirmation.

Amazon Prime Video app

Set an age limit to hide videos not suitable for children

In addition to the PIN code, Prime Video gives you the option to restrict video playback.
Regarding reading restrictions, you can filter the content by an age limit. You have 5 options:

  • all public : for videos accessible from an early age
  • 7 : For kids
  • 13 : For teenagers
  • 16 : for young adults
  • 18 : For adults
Amazon Prime Video age restriction

You can also restrict playback on a specific device you’ve used before for Prime Video, whether it’s a web browser, a tablet, or a smartphone.

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