How to Enable Night Mode on Pixel 2

This guide explains how to use Night Mode on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and why you might want to use it. Similar to Samsung’s blue light filter or Apple’s night shift, Google’s new phones have a feature known as Night Light. This changes screen colors at night to help you sleep better.

Night Light is a new feature that aims to reduce eyestrain when using a smartphone at night. It has also been shown to increase sleepiness and help owners fall asleep faster.

The blue light from our smartphones is thought to cause eye strain and stimulate the brain. It causes smartphone users to strain their eyes and stay awake longer than they should. Still, with our help, your Pixel 2 will automatically turn off this light and help you get a good night’s sleep.

How to Use Night Light on Pixel 2

Each manufacturer calls this feature something different. A Blue Light filter for Samsung is Night Shift and Pixel on iOS and Night Light filter on Android 8.0 Oreo. You can quickly find or search in settings or follow our instructions below.

First, we’ll explain how to unlock it, then we’ll move on to some customizations for your phone to do for you every night. Start by pulling down the notification bar and entering the settings menu

When you turn it on, you will instantly notice a huge difference in the way your screen looks. All blue light disappears and an orange or red tint appears on the screen. Move the slider back and forth to manage how powerful or how light this feature is.

Additionally, Pixel 2 will automatically turn this feature on and off for you every day. This way it activates instantly at night and returns to normal when you wake up. In the Night Light settings menu, select the program and choose one of the two options.

The first option lets you choose when to turn it on or off, so you can adjust it based on your sleeping habits or when you slow down at night. Then there is an easier choice that does this for you at sunrise and sunset. Also, Night Light uses on-screen sensors to adjust sensitivity during use, giving its owners the best experience.

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In closing, you can also add the Night Light quick toggle to the notification popup bar for quick access. From here, it opens easily with one touch. Note that the first few days of using this feature may feel unnatural to you and may cause the phone to appear extremely blue during normal operation. You will get used to it and your eyes and brain will appreciate it. While you’re at it, check out these 20 best Pixel 2 XL cases.

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