How to Enable Google Lens in Google Photos on Non-Pixel Devices

Pixel phones are as much about software as they are about hardware. What really makes Pixel devices worthy of being called flagship devices is their hardware that works in perfect harmony with the software. Ever since Google launched its Pixel phones last year, every Android user has somehow hated new phones, as some of Android’s newest features have been kept private to them. Also this year, many other features are currently kept exclusive to Pixel phones, such as the new Pixel 2 launcher and the Google lens. While we have hacked our way to bring Pixel 2 launcher features for other Android devices, other special features have been hard to understand until now. Well, that’s going to change a bit as we’re bringing the Google lens to non-Pixel devices today. So, if you are interested in Google lens, here is how you can enable Google lens in Goole photos right now:

note: The method requires root access. We tried this on our rooted Samsung Galaxy S8 running on Android 7.0 and it works perfectly.

Enable Google Lens in Google Photos on Non-Pixel Devices

Before I begin, I should point out that right now, this process only works on rooted Android devices. We will update the article if we find any method that works on non-rooted devices in the future. If you haven’t rooted your device yet and want to root it, you can learn everything by clicking here. However, before you do that, you should review the Pros and Cons of rooting. Okay, now that you got that out of the way, let’s get to work.

Enabling Google Lens

This tutorial may sound easy or difficult depending on your experience with rooting and flashing modes on your Android. I tried to add as many steps as possible to make it easy even for beginners. So follow the steps correctly and enjoy the Google lens on your phone.

1. Once you have a rooted Android device, tap . to download at this link The Google Lens flashable ZIP file we will need to make this work. The file was created by an XDA member, so be sure to show your appreciation while you’re there.

2. After downloading the file, put your phone in recovery mode. Getting into recovery mode is easy. Just a simple Google search will tell you how to do it for your specific device.

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3. Now, while in recovery mode, go to your download directory and find the file marked in the image. Now, tap on the “Upload Image” button. On the next page, slide the button to confirm the flash.

4. Now, the system will flash your file. After the flash is completed, Tap the “Reboot System” button to reboot your device.

Google Lens activation step - 4

5. After your device restarts Open Google Photos app and tap any photo. You will now see the Google lens icon in the menu (marked in the picture). Tap on it and then tap the “START” button.

Google Lens activation step - 5

6. That’s it. Now, when you’re over an image in Google Photos, you just Tap the Google Lens icon and it will recognize what’s inside the photo. For example, in the image below, Google Lens was able to detect the date and gave me the option to add it to my calendar.

Google Lens activation step - 6

However, he could not identify the title of the film. Since Google Lens is still in developmentYou will find that it only works half the time. It’s good at identifying the type of objects, but not exactly the object itself. For example, scanning a smartphone with your Google Lens will give you results for different phones, but not that particular model of the phone itself. It always helps if there is a little text inside the picture For giving Lens more information to work with. For example, while Google Lens cannot identify the movie in the image above, because he has more information, he can identify the movie in the picture below.. Google Lens may not be perfect as it’s still in beta, but it’s pretty fun to play around with and see it evolve over time.

Enabling Google Lens

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Using Google Lens on Any Android Device

For me, using Google Lens is seeing the evolution of machine learning at its best. I’m not a developer and therefore have no idea how it works, but seeing it work and evolve over a period of time gives me an absolutely surreal experience. There’s still time before Google Lens can be called a consumer-focused product, as it’s still in development right now, but it gives us a glimpse into the future where information about anything can be gained by pointing our smartphone cameras. IT. I’m really excited for Google Lens, are you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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This tutorial was originally published at: XDA Developers. We tried it and it works fine.

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