How to Enable Fullscreen Apps on LG V30

This guide explains how to enable full screen apps on LG V30. Similar to the Galaxy S8, LG uses a new 6-inch edge-to-edge display. Longer and thinner than most phones. As a result, some apps do not fill the entire screen. Here’s how to fix it and enjoy the apps you paid for in full screen.

You may see black bars at the top and bottom of the LG V30 after opening certain apps and games. Or apps can be cut in the corners, hiding important buttons or content. This is due to the new 18:9 aspect ratio, which is different from most phones. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

This issue is similar to black bars on Widescreen movies and TV a few years ago. Until more app developers adopt this new standard, you will need to enable “App Scaling” in the LG V30’s settings menu. We see a similar situation with the LG G6 and Galaxy Note 8.

Android apps work on watches, smartphones, tablets, TVs, Chromebook laptops and more. As a result, they generally scale just fine to any size screen. It’s the new tall and thin aspect ratio of recent phones that’s causing the issues.

So far most apps work fine with LG V30. However, if you’re having trouble, we’re here to help.

How to Enable Fullscreen Apps on LG V30 (App Scaling)

The only problem I see is that some games zoom in to fill the entire 6 inch screen and some of the content is cut off in the corners. These will get updates soon so nothing to worry about. For any other app or game, simply force fullscreen mode using App Scaling.

As you can see, most apps run right at 18:9. LG and the developers have made the apps work with this new phone. When you choose an app, you have three options: Compatibility, Standard, or Fullscreen. Most are already using full screen. Find the one you want to change and tap Full Screen. Then hit done and you’re ready.

You have successfully turned on App Scaling for all apps that are no longer working with the new screen size, ratio, and resolution. Note that some apps may not support this yet. In this case, see if there is an update to the Google Play Store soon to fix the problem.

You should do it?

It’s all about giving you a full-screen experience, with the 6-inch screen you’re paying for. And while you may have a problem here and there with some apps, most of them work perfectly. I just had a game that didn’t look right, but within a few days they released an update that fixed it.

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Fortunately, LG has three different options to choose from. Either way, any of the three will make all apps and games look great on the LG V30.

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