How to Enable Easy Mode on Galaxy Note 4

Smartphones like the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are packed with so many features that sometimes consumers get lost in all the options or advanced features and just want it to be a little easier to understand. This is where Samsung’s easy mode comes into play for new Galaxy Note 4 owners.

From enthusiasts to newbies, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be a little daunting for some, not to mention that a first-time smartphone buyer can be pretty overwhelmed. Luckily, Samsung has simplified things quite a bit with what they call “Easy Mode” on most of its new devices, including the Galaxy Note 4.

Easy Mode is one of the features that is also available on the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 but is not as talked about as big HD screens or the S-Pen pen features. Easy mode provides a very easy to use and understand experience for your parents or even grandparents, below we provide more information on Easy Mode and how to enable it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs on Android 4.4 KitKat designed by Google and should soon be updated to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, but it’s covered in Samsung’s own TouchWiz “User Experience” skin. This adds tons of advanced features, different options, and even the home button has a built-in fingerprint scanner for enhanced security. There’s a lot going on on this phone, so let’s make it easy for average users.

Easy Mode only has three screens instead of letting users scroll through tons of pages and screens full of apps and widgets. Everything is made into a simple experience. Aka: Easy Mode. On the home screen there is a large box called a widget with weather, clock and calendar that cannot be accidentally removed or deleted. Below are the essential apps for making calls, browsing the web, sending messages, using the flashlight or camera. All icons are large and easy to see, which helps those with poor eyesight. The screen is already 5.7 inches in size and now the icons are even larger and easier to see than ever before.

A swipe to the right you’ll be able to add contacts instantly in the one-click area for easy phone calls, and on the other side of the home screen there are a few more essential apps and then the full app tray if the user needs it to access them. Everything is big, simple, but most importantly, simple. Let’s have a look.

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To turn on Galaxy Note 4 easy mode, go to Also, after turning on Easy mode, you can scroll down on this page to select the items and apps you want to appear on your screen. You can return to normal view in the same area by turning off easy mode. Here Note 4 Easy Mode is at work.

As you can see the easy mode does everything extremely simple and in your face. There is nothing confusing, the icons are bold and easy to understand, and the left screen full of contacts will be extremely useful for first-time smartphone owners.

Samsung has also created an “Easy Settings” area where you will get only the basic and basic settings. Turn up the volume, enlarge the font, change the screen brightness, and do a few more things like change the wallpaper or ringtone. It’s all about making the phone easy to use and understand, almost like a feature phone from 2006, but still a smartphone.

This is a nice touch for those who are new to smartphones, new to Android, or just don’t want all the fancy features or bloatware on their new Galaxy Note 4. Set this to your liking, enable all contacts, go. Do it through settings and just right and you’re done. Getting back to normal is just a click away in the same “Easy Mode” menu, so feel free to mess with your phone.

Should You Use This?

There are tons of advantages to using easy mode on the Galaxy Note 4. Those who are new to technology or smartphones, people with visual impairments or the elderly, even your stubborn father who refuses to learn anything new. Easy mode simplifies things while making it extremely difficult to accidentally screw up a setting or remove an app from the home screen.

These are also customizable by the end user, although average users may find the icons large and the font a bit too large. Overall the easy mode is a great example of what a smartphone can do even for beginners and should be perfect for first time users. Once they get used to a smartphone, returning the phone to standard mode is just a few taps away.

Give it a try today using the instructions above and enjoy your new Galaxy Note 4.

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