How to Enable and Use Google Chat in Gmail on Smartphone

It’s been some time now Google wants to leave Hangouts, its chat solution. At the beginning of 2020, Google Meet replaced Hangouts Meet until it became one of the references for video conferencing applications during various restrictions. A few months ago, we learned that Google will force its users to switch to Chat in 2021.

The transition is about to begin now. Google Chat is now in early access For all smartphone app users. It is possible to enable it for testing with your contacts before the official release of the feature. So you can use your email address to chat with other people directly.

How to enable Google Chat in Gmail

You can already access Google Chat from your Gmail app. Here’s how to go about it:

  • open app gmail
  • Click side menu in the upper left corner of the screen
  • enter inside Settings
  • choose to desired
  • on the tab generalcheck box Chat (early access)
  • click Try

You can now try the Chat feature. A tabbed bar appears at the bottom of the screen Cat, living room and Meet. The Chat tab allows you to create a room, browse the rooms you have been invited to, and manage the invitations received.

google chat android tutorial

If the option doesn’t appear in your settings, you probably just need to update your app. Here’s how:

  • open app game store
  • In the side menu, My games and apps
  • see you in the next section updates Then To wait
  • If Gmail is out of date, the app will appear on the screen. click update

All you have to do is take advantage of this new feature with your contacts. Google has yet to specify an official release date, but Early Access says the firm plans to do so. in the coming months. Meanwhile, some bugs may still exist and the final version may differ from the current version.

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