How to Edit Video on Galaxy S8

In this guide, we’ll explain how to edit video on the Galaxy S8 and use some of the more advanced video editing tools. Every Galaxy S8 has some basic editing controls in the gallery, but did you know there’s a hidden Movie Maker app with even more options? Here’s what you need to know.

You can easily customize and enhance videos on Galaxy S8 with built-in editing tools. Some of these include trimming or removing audio and video, adding filters or slowing down playback.

However, if you want to add text, background music, transitions, or narrate your clips, the basic editor isn’t good enough. That’s where Movie Maker comes in, Samsung’s secret advanced video editing tool. Our video below shows you how to get it and what it has to offer.

How to Install Galaxy S8 Movie Maker to Edit Videos

For whatever reason, Samsung is hiding its impressive video editor on the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Note 8 and more. When you download it from the Galaxy App store, it opens the door for you to get really creative.

To get started, simply open a video from the gallery on the Galaxy S8. Tap the Edit button, then select Movie Maker in the bottom right. You will get a prompt to download the app, so do the next step.

After downloading Movie Maker it is now on your device. This is a special app that you can open in app drawer to create video. Additionally, the shortcut is in the gallery’s editing tools menu.

Run Samsung Movie Maker and familiarize yourself with all the options. There are some basic tips and instructions at the beginning. Hit the next button and review the tips, then import videos or photos. After adding some videos, hit ok and import them into the full Galaxy S8 video editor.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S8 Video Editor

We go through all these steps in our video below and show you everything this app has to offer. If you’re in a hurry, Samsung also offers a few pre-designed basic video editing templates. Choose from a list of templates or hit custom and create your own video.

With Movie Maker open, you can now access all advanced controls. Watch our video above to see some of what’s available. Add animations, transitions, effects, text, backgrounds, overlays and even import other photos, videos or audio files.

Everything is easy to navigate on the touch screen. Swipe to navigate the video, drag to shrink your clip, and watch additional options pop up in the top right throughout the process. Like changing the voice, adding text or rotating photos.

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When you’re done creating a video, save it in the top corner. This saves your progress and simultaneously imports the video into your gallery. On older Samsung devices, you may need to save AND export the file. Choose the video quality you want, give the video a name and you’re ready.

Now you know how to get more out of the Galaxy S8 and create beautiful videos in the palm of your hand. While you’re here, consider some of these best Galaxy S8 cases. Learn more on our Galaxy S8 portal.