How to Easily Read Twitter Topics Like a Blog Post

Although Twitter has officially increased the number of characters per tweet to 280 from the previous 140 character limit, it is still not enough to publish long-form content. That’s why people use Twitter’s chain tweet feature, which allows them to send long-form content by replying to their own tweets. People who have spent their lives on Twitter know how difficult it is to read a great tweet. You have to individually click on each tweet in a thread to expand it, which takes time and the whole process is really frustrating. Basically, Reading a long-toothed tweet on Twitter is a nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. With Thread Readera user can easily read long Twitter threads. Thread Reader turns a threaded tweet into a simple blog post where all tweets are mentioned one by one makes it easy for users to read. In this article, we will see how we can use the thread reader to read tweets easily:

Use Thread Reader to easily read threaded tweets

As I mentioned above, Thread Reader turns a threaded tweet into a simple blog post, giving you an easy and fast reading experience. Thread Reader calls it opening a tweet. There are three methods to open a tweet using the Thread Reader service, and we’ll go through them all one by one:

Using the Thread Reader Extension in Google Chrome

  1. The easiest way to use Thread Reader is to use the Chrome extension. Firstly, click the link to download Thread Reader Chrome Extension.

2. Now open your Twitter account in Chrome and find a threaded tweet. Here, click the down arrow that expands the menu.

3. Now, Click on “Unroll in Thread Reader”.

Using the Thread Reader Extension for Google Chrome - step 3

4. A new tab will open will host all tweets in a blog post as shown in the image below.

Using the Thread Reader Extension for Google Chrome - step 4

The video also shows you how you can use Thread Reader’s Chrome extension to open and easily read threaded tweets.

Using the Thread Reader Android App

If you prefer to browse Twitter on your phone, as most of us do, here’s how you can use it. Android app of Thread Reader To open and easily read a chained tweet:

  1. The first two steps are similar. First, launch the Twitter app and find a threaded tweet.
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2. Tap the “down arrow” button here and then Tap on “Share tweet” option.

Using the Thread Reader Android App step 2

3. Now, Scroll down to find the Thread Reader optionand tap on it. You will see that a new link will open to host all the tweets in an easy-to-read blog post.

Using Thread Reader Android App - step 3

Using the Topic Reader Bot

The above two methods are simple and easy to use, but what if a user is not using Chrome or Android. Then he can use the Thread Reader bot to open the threaded tweet.

Note: I’m using Safari on my MacBook Pro to demonstrate this feature.

  1. First, open threaded tweet and then click the answer box.

Using the Topic Reader Bot - step 1

2. Here, write and send the answer below – @tttthreads opens as shown in the image below.

Using the Topic Reader Bot - step 2

3. After a few seconds You will receive a notification on your Twitter account. Click the link in the notification to open the threaded tweet as a blog post.

Using the Topic Reader Bot - step 3

And this is what it looks like when you click the link in your notification.

Using the Thread Reader Bot - step 3 part 2

4. Here is a video explaining the same thing. If you haven’t been able to follow the tutorial mentioned above, do.

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Easily Read Threaded Tweets Using Thread Reader

As you can see, Thread Reader makes long tweets really easy to read. If you’re someone who deals a lot with chained tweets, this can save you a lot of time and effort. Use this nifty trick and let us know if you like it or not. If you liked it, don’t forget to share this article with your other Twitterati friends.

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