How to Easily Hide Your Files on Android

makes a smart phone part of our closeness, this is where we can access all our little secrets. It is important to have control over your data so that malicious people or those around you cannot access our valuable data.

Of course today it is possible to encrypt your terminal with a code, a diagram or of course a fingerprint sensor, although it is not 100% sufficient. However, if you lend your smartphone to a loved one or even to your mother, you need to be a bit careful if you store sensitive information on your device. There are probably little things he’d be better off not knowing.

We can also take as an example children who should not access certain apps that are not recommended for them if they are underage. Or a co-worker who doesn’t have permission to access sensitive information about the company you work for.

This The reasons can be many and varied.Everyone will have their own opinion and perspective on the subject. Now the question is how to hide the most sensitive data so that no one can access it.

How to hide files on your Android smartphone

In most cases, our smartphones are not capable of keeping our little secrets. We’ll start with the basics and see what this good old Play Store has to offer, full of apps to help us along the way. An app that doesn’t look like much will help us because File Hiding Expert.

File Hiding Expert

It looks like a file explorer, but when you launch it for the first time, nothing appears before your eyes, because here you will find all the files you want to hide. Here is the procedure to follow to achieve this result.

  • Small “blue folder” is located in the upper left
  • you can select folders, photos, music or videos you want to hide it by checking the boxes on the right
  • Just press the ” button to confirm.Alright“just bottom left
  • We automatically return to the main page of the application
hide file folder android

Of course, if the process stopped there, we wouldn’t have a completely secure smartphone because anyone could pick up the smartphone and launch the app and see our hidden files. The editor luckily thought of this scenario and offered to set a password through the settings. Here are the steps to follow.

  • press the ” key3 small dots” is located at the top right on the main page and “Settings
  • Check the box “Activate my password” and then “Change My Password
  • Once approved, your little secrets will be well protected from prying eyes.
hide file folder android

An application with a minimalist but very practical interface, now we will look at another application that is a little more specific, especially responsible for photos.

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Keep Safe

When using the app for the first time, you will need to create an account and register a code. Because every time you exit the application, it will ask you at every opportunity, even without closing it. The fingerprint sensor can also be used, and the encryption is military-grade, according to the publisher.

Ability to store photos in the cloud Offered by the broadcaster, it allows us to sync footage across all our devices. However, this functionality is available as part of the premium offer.

Here’s how to secure your photos and keep them away from prying eyes.

  • press the ” key+” at bottom right and go to import photos
  • then you can select pictures you want to secure by pressing repeatedly.
  • Moreover save an entire album if you feel that way
hide file folder android

It is worth noting that the application does not only deal with photos, it can also take into account all kinds of files, some kind of digital safe. That said, none of the currently proposed solutions deal with hiding apps. This time we will focus on this issue.

Nova Launcher

We may want to hide apps for a number of reasons, for example the operator or manufacturer had fun by polluting us with their multiple apps, some we don’t want children to access, some of which are not recommended for a young audience or professional reasons.

This The reasons can be many and no need to list them all, installing an alternative Launcher is a great way to hide them, this is where Nova Launcher comes into play.

There are many ways to achieve these goals, but the method proposed by the Nova editor is particularly simple and intuitive. However, it should be noted that manipulation is reserved for premium members. Once installed, here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to app drawer
  • Tap on “Nova settings” at the top
  • Go to “Drawer”
  • At the bottom there are “Hide apps” drawer groups, you just have to check the ones you want to hide.
hide file folder android

Nova Launcher’s functionality will at least simplify it. But it is worth noting that skins, for example, Samsung’s, also allow you to perform such manipulations.

Manually hide folders

With any file manager You can hide any folder by renaming it if you have it on your smartphone. But this is not the most recommended trick. Just a simple “.” add. in front of the folder name to hide it.

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Then, whatever is stored inside, photos, music, etc. Nothing will be detected by apps that use them. However, we do not recommend this manipulation to secure your most valuable data, it’s just a little trick, nothing more.


With these few precautions, you can easily secure a large part of your digital life on your smartphone. The device must also be effectively locked. With the democratization of fingerprint sensors, it is clear that this will only strengthen the security of our precious terminals.

However, it should be borne in mind this risk 0 does not exist and with all the good faith in the world, the danger of your valuable data being stolen remains permanently.

In another recording, backup your data should also be considered in another storage medium. Losing your precious device can cause a number of inconveniences, even if the data on the smartphone is safe. Not being able to access it yourself is also a factor to consider.

Finally, there are other apps in Play Store that can accomplish the same purposes, maybe you know better solutions? Tell us about it in the comments and let us know why it’s important to you.