How to Download YouTube Videos or Music on Android

In this guide, we will show you how to download YouTube videos and music on Android. Over the years, Google has made many changes to its video service. Including recording videos for offline viewing, playing in the background and launching YouTube TV. If you don’t have a music streaming service, it’s one of the best places to find your favorite songs. Here’s how to download anything with ease.

To be clear, Google does not approve of users downloading videos or music from YouTube to their Android devices as it is technically piracy. However, you are allowed to temporarily save certain videos on a device for offline playback. If you get permission from a copyright holder, you can copy the songs and enjoy them later.

Watching YouTube videos offline was a great feature in 2014. However, if you want this option, you must subscribe to YouTube Red now. As a result, some are looking for ways to download videos directly to their devices. Same goes for music, here’s how to get it.

There are many apps available, such as YouTube Ripper, that will download and save content. As we just said, this is illegal and Google or Apple will quickly remove such apps from the app store. Most of the apps in the comment section are no longer available so don’t even try.

How to Download YouTube Music and Videos on Android

We will say this one more time. Some of the following apps or services are illegal to use. Google does not allow users to steal content from YouTube. Be it video or audio. However, it is still very easy to do, especially if you get permission from a content owner. Users can save entire videos to their device or even extract music from a video. Then download the MP3 file to an Android smartphone or tablet.


First, we’ll explain the legal and Google-permissive system that saves videos for later playback. Certain videos that support this feature have a download arrow just below the video on Android devices. Unfortunately, this feature is only for YouTube Red subscribers. Tap the arrow and choose a resolution or quality you want to save, and that’s it. Now go to the left menu bar and select “Watch later” to find the list of recorded videos you can enjoy. You can watch them without an internet connection.

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However, if you want to permanently download a video or song, this is also an option. Rather than linking to apps not found in the Google Play Store or from dubious sources, we’ve put together a few simple websites that will do this for you. All users need is the URL from YouTube and a few clicks will download the song or video.

While viewing a YouTube video, tap the 3-dot “Share” button and select “Copy URL” in the popup that appears. In some versions it is an arrow that means sharing. This is what you need, then go to websites like below or and paste this link. They usually convert the video in seconds and transmit an MP3 of the music directly to your phone. You can choose from different video or audio formats before downloading or converting.

Copy and paste the URL to a site like YouTubeMP3 and hit the convert button, then download. That’s all and now you have downloaded a song directly to your phone. another option aTube catcherhowever, it works a little differently than the previously mentioned ones.

Other details

It is very easy to do the same on a PC or laptop. However, it’s easier to do this directly on the phone so you don’t have to transfer it to your device later. Clipconverter even lets you choose the conversion format to suit any situation or need.

Searching for “video downloader” or “Youtube Downloader” in Google Play Store may find some results. However, most of them are quickly deleted. Use our steps above instead. Also, we do not recommend downloading YouTube “ripper” apps for Android from unknown sources. They’re usually shady or full of malware.

Give it a try today and download some music or video. Now users can enjoy any video or latest music to create your own custom ringtones with our link above. Again, proceed at your own risk.