How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

If you find a YouTube video that you want to watch later but may not have an internet connection at the time, here’s how to download YouTube videos to Mac.

If you know you’ll be in a place without Wi-Fi, such as on a plane or car ride, pre-downloading YouTube videos can be a great way to pass the time and enjoy your favorite YouTube videos. on the work.

Of course, you can do this on your iPhone, and if you have a YouTube Red subscription, the feature is built in, but if you watch videos on a larger screen, you’ll likely be using your MacBook.

YouTube is more than short funny clips of cats and other funny things. There are loads of YouTubers out there making great fun videos that can keep you busy for hours.

If you’re someone who doesn’t make many movies and TV shows while in flight, here’s how to download YouTube videos on Mac and watch them without an internet connection.

How to Download YouTube Videos

Downloading YouTube videos to your computer has been a controversial topic for a while, and YouTube surprisingly is opposing the idea and shutting down numerous online services and browser extensions that allow you to download YouTube videos.

However, a piece of software that still stands (mostly because it’s still fairly new) is called a piece of software. youtube converter From Softorino. We’ve covered Softorino before, as they are the makers of WALTR, an easy-to-use Mac app that lets you stream music and movies to your iOS device without iTunes.

YouTube Converter is as easy to use as WALTR and makes it really easy to convert a YouTube video on your Mac into a playable file that almost any video player can read.

First, you will want Download YouTube Converter software to your Mac. It’s currently only available for OS X, but Softorino says a Windows version is coming soon.

Once you have downloaded and installed YouTube Converter, open it and you will be met with a small window where all the magic happens.

Next, go to YouTube in the web browser on your Mac and select a YouTube video to watch. Copy the video URL in the address bar and YouTube Converter will automatically detect the URL from your Mac’s clipboard.

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Select a video quality from there (1080p HD is best) and click (or whatever Mac you have). You can choose 2160 4K, but this should only be used for YouTube videos that are actually 4K. Otherwise, downloading a smaller video at 4K will raise the resolution and make it look like crap.


Depending on the length and quality of the video, it may take some time to download the video to your Mac, so be patient while the download does its thing.


Once the download is complete, the video will automatically be placed in your folder, but you can transfer it anywhere on your Mac. You can also change the default download location for videos from the app’s preferences.

This is perhaps the best way to download YouTube videos to Mac and the easiest way we’ve found so far.