How to Download Bixby Voice on Galaxy S8

This quick guide will explain how to download Bixby audio for the Galaxy S8 and help you get started with Samsung’s virtual assistant. After a delay of about three months and a short beta period, Samsung has officially It was published Bixby Voice arrives in the United States on July 18.

Samsung’s Bixby is a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. And while it may seem like a duplicate of Google Assistant at first glance, there are many differences worth trying.

Last month, certain users were able to enjoy Bixby Voice right after signing up for the beta. However, it was not open to everyone. Now that it’s officially here, you’ll want to download it now and follow our instructions to do more with your phone.

How to Download Bixby Voice on Galaxy S8 and S8+

Getting Bixby Voice is actually pretty easy. Simply start by pressing the dedicated Bixby button located on the left side of the phone, below the volume up/down keys. Start Bixby and the update will come to your phone immediately.

After installing Bixby Voice and setting a language, you can now start using Samsung’s version of the virtual assistant. Bixby has the same “hot word” detection as Google and others, but you have to enable it first. By default, Bixby Voice only works when you hold the button to speak and ask commands. We recommend setting the wake-up command, which is “Hi Bixby”. This works even when the screen is off, and Bixby can hear you even when your phone is playing music or a YouTube video.

Samsung’s assistant is always ready and waiting to help you perform tasks on the Galaxy S8. We recommend setting up advanced voice recognition as well as the wake-up command. Enabling enhanced audio requires you to read five sentences aloud. This allows Bixby to better understand you personally and how you speak. Everything from speaking style, pronunciation, speed and more.

What Makes Bixby Voice Unique?

We know what you’re thinking, you already have a voice assistant or two on your phone. There’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and of course Google Assistant. While they’re all somewhat similar, Bixby Voice has a few unique features that help it stand out.

With Bixby Voice, you can not only ask questions and let the internet respond, you can control everything on your phone. Instead of checking the weather, seeing photos or the typical voice controls, Bixby is much more powerful. You can even tap the Bixby button and press the three dots at the top of the screen. These are settings, now tap My Bixby. Here you will see lots of potential voice commands (like hundreds and hundreds) that you can do.

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Bixby has a lot of potential and this is just the beginning. Samsung has been trying to improve the service over time and then integrate it into everything they sell. From Samsung devices, smart TVs, a speaker like the Amazon Echo, and more.

Also, Samsung encourages users to use Bixby and set up the rewards system. Turning this voice assistant into a little game. There are leaderboards, achievements, and you can even earn Samsung Pay Reward points and use them for the holidays or buy accessories like headphones and cases.

There’s a lot going on with Bixby, and apps like the camera, gallery, browser, and more will need an update to work properly with your new assistant. We recommend updating everything over WiFi and then try Bixby Voice. In the near future, the apps in our middle photo above should also work with it.

It might be confusing at first, but know that Samsung’s powerful new voice assistant is finally here for the Galaxy S8. Samsung has also added a lot of customization so we can set it up exactly how we want to use Bixby. That said, there’s still no way to remap the Bixby button to do other tasks. For example, open the camera, take a screenshot, or use Google Assistant instead.

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