How to Downgrade from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2

iOS 9.1 has been released and if you’ve updated to the latest version but want to revert to iOS 9.0.2, here’s how to switch from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2.

iOS 9.1 is by no means a major update, but it does come with a handful of bug fixes and improvements, along with a few new features. Most importantly, iOS 9.1 comes with 150 new emojis, including the middle finger emoji that users have been looking forward to for a while.

It is no longer possible to switch to iOS 9.0.2.

iOS 9.1 is also required to set up the new Apple TV if you’re planning to buy one on Monday, but that’s only if you plan to set up the Apple TV easily using your iPhone.

Here are some of the other big fixes in iOS 9.1:

  • Improved stability, including CarPlay, Music, Photos, Safari and Search
  • Improved performance while in Multitasking Interface
  • Fixes an issue that could cause Calendar to become unresponsive in Month view
  • Fixes an issue that prevented Game Center from starting for some users
  • Resolves an issue that zoomed in on the content of some apps
  • Resolves an issue that could cause an incorrect unread mail count for POP mail accounts
  • Fixes an issue that prevented users from removing recent contacts from new mail or messages
  • Fixes an issue where some messages were not appearing in Mail search results
  • Resolves an issue that left a gray bar in the body of a Voicemail
  • Fixes an issue that caused activation errors on some carriers
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some apps from updating from the App Store

If you have updated to iOS 9.1 but don’t like the new update or you want to jailbreak your iPhone (iOS 9.1 cannot be jailbroken), then you can still upgrade to iOS 9.0.2.

Apple usually won’t let you revert to an older iOS version, but in the first week or so after a new update is released, Apple continues to sign the previous iOS version and makes downgrades possible for a short time.

Here’s how to upgrade from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 on your iPhone or iPad.

before you start

It is very important to back up your iPhone before downgrading to iOS 9.0.2 because the only method available to downgrade will force a complete factory wipe of your device and the only way to get all your apps and settings back is to restore them. A backup after downgrading.

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Screenshot 2015-10-20, 2.43.47 PM

You’ll want to back up via iTunes, and we have a great guide that walks you through the process on Mac. It shouldn’t take too long – maybe 10-20 minutes depending on how much stuff needs to be backed up.

Even if you don’t mind losing your apps or settings, it never hurts to back up in case something goes wrong, that way you’re not left with a bricked device. This is pretty rare, but can happen at random times.

Downgrade to iOS 9.0.2

You are now ready to downgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.0.2. The downgrade process is a bit different than how you would update to a newer version of iOS via iTunes, but it’s still really easy to do.

The first thing you have to do is go to this website and download the correct IPSW file for your specific iOS device. It may take some time to download as the file can be as large as 2.2GB, be patient while this happens.

Screenshot 2015-10-21 2.50.21 PM

Once the IPSW file is downloaded, note its location on your computer and then open iTunes and plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer.

Next, go to your device’s summary page by clicking the iPhone or iPad icon near the upper left corner of the iTunes window.

Screenshot 2015-10-20, 2.40.31 PM

From there, hold the key on your keyboard (key on Windows) and click on it while holding the key. A file explorer window will open and this is where you will find the IPSW file and open it.

iTunes will start downgrading your device to iOS 9.0.2. The process will take about 10-20 minutes to complete, so sit back and relax while you do your work.

Once complete, iTunes will ask if you want to set up your iPhone as a new iPhone or restore a backup. Choose the second option if you want to restore all your apps and settings to your device.

After the backup restores itself, you will now be running iOS 9.0.2 with all your apps and settings intact.

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