How to Distribute a Facebook Feed

The Facebook feed is where most of the action happens. This is where we get updates from friends, groups and pages. It also displays content that Facebook thinks users might like, based on data they collect about us using our social media platform. Slowly but surely, the Facebook feed is cluttered with updates and content that we don’t want to see or even remotely find interesting. So how do we remove Facebook feed?

Facebook’s algorithm works hard to please us, and it does a lot of things right. There’s a reason people flip through their feeds without thinking too much, but many users are unhappy. They want to see fewer updates from certain people/groups/resources and more from others. We have a few suggestions to help clear up some of the Facebook feed mess you’re witnessing.

Let’s start.

1. Unfriend Some

Not everyone on your friend list is your friend. You may no longer be friends with some of them. Some were familiar or former coworkers who no longer work with you. It’s a good idea to review your friend list and unfriend as much as possible. Don’t worry, they won’t get a notification either.

There are two ways to unfriend someone on Facebook. The first is where you visit his profile, click on the Friends button and select Unfriend.

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This will take time as you will need to visit individual profiles. A much faster way is to open your profile page by clicking your profile picture and selecting the Friends tab.

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Here you will find a list of all your friends. Just click on the three-dot menu icon and unfriend them.

2. Unfollow or Take a Break From Friends

You can’t unfriend everyone, but you can pause their broadcasts. Facebook offers two separate features to help you organize your posts significantly. One is Unfollow, the other is Take A Break.

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Essentially, you say you’re still friends, but I don’t want to hear from you for a while because your interests don’t align with mine. You will remain friends on Facebook, but you will not receive updates on your feed when they post cute pet photos or pictures with motivational quotes.

3. Postpone 30 Days

Another way to distribute your Facebook feed is to defer a profile for 30 days. When you snooze an alarm clock, it means you snooze it and it will turn off again after a certain amount of time. In the case of Facebook, when you snooze a profile, you will stop receiving updates from them in your feed.

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You’ll still be friends, texting each other, checking each other’s profiles, and everything else. You just won’t see updates from them in your feed. Once 30 days are up, you will be notified and you will start seeing updates again. You can postpone any of the broadcast itself by turning on the three-dot menu icon.

4. Hiding Posts

Often times, your friends share posts or updates from pages they follow but you don’t follow. You’ll still see these updates in your Facebook feed because you’re friends with the person who posted the update.

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Click on the three-dot menu and you will see two options. Hide post and hide all from ‘page name’. Choosing the first option tells Facebook you want to ‘See less posts like this’. Choosing the second option will hide all posts from that Facebook Page. The hide option does exactly what it says and works on profiles, pages and groups.

5. Unlike Facebook Groups

There’s a Facebook group for everything and everywhere. Over time things can get out of hand and some users get tons of updates from these pages that they don’t even remember following. This is a good time to review the list and unfollow some.

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Maybe you don’t like that football team anymore or you live in a different city and don’t want to know what happened in your old one. Either way, open Facebook Groups and click the Like button to un-like.

6. Change Group’s Follow Settings

Not ready to leave that Facebook page? Still wanting to follow, but in a more controlled way? Fortunately, Facebook allows users to control how and when a page posts posts to your Facebook feed. Click on the three-dot menu icon on the Facebook group page and select Follow settings.

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You will be greeted with a pop-up window divided into two sections. In the News Feed you will find:

  • Favorites – posts on this page will take precedence and appear higher up in your news feed.
  • Default – posts will be displayed as they arrive
  • Snooze – as discussed earlier you will not see any posts for the next 30 days
  • Off – you will never see a post again
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Notifications settings give you granular control over the type of content you want to be notified of, such as posts, videos, offers, and live videos.

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For example, in Posts, the Standard option will send you up to 5 new notifications per day. You can lower the frequency by selecting Highlights or turn it off by selecting Off. Review each content type and adjust it to your needs. You can come back later and fine-tune these settings at any time.

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7. Sort Broadcasts

Finally, the post page has a filter option that you can use to filter posts based on your settings. Click on the filter icon that looks like two parallel lines.

How to Edit Facebook Feed 12

Home is the default option, showing posts and updates that Facebook thinks are relevant to you. This is based on years of data the social media giant has collected about you.

The Favorites option shows posts from your friends and pages you’ve marked as Favourites. We’ll see how to do this in a moment.

The Recent option displays the date and time of the posts.

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Click on News Feed preferences to quickly add and remove friends and pages from the Favorites section by clicking the star icon. You can then easily filter and consume posts from sources added to the Favorites list, as we saw above. You can also Unfollow or Reconnect (refollow) from here and finally manage the Snooze list.

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About Face

Social media sites like Facebook can be a great way to connect with friends, follow your favorite topics and stay informed. But if not checked, it can lead to procrastination, waste of time etc. may cause. It’s important to use the tools available to us, but don’t let the tools drive us.

Fortunately, Facebook offers several ways to manage feeds, allowing users to edit them, helping us better understand what’s going on around us.

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