How to display animated GIFs and MP4s as your smartphone wallpaper?

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF has become a cult format in almost three decades. These motion pictures have taken an important place in the evolution of online communication, bringing some more movement and life to the Internet, which was still very frozen until then.

A true emblem of web culture, the GIF has allowed image banks like Giphy to emerge. Tumblr isn’t lazy either, and Facebook Messenger also supports posting in this format. Also, if these images are trendy, a question may have crossed your mind while looking at your smartphone: Was there a way to do this? replace my wallpaper An animated GIF that’s a little too static?

Imagine if it was possible and even better, it’s easier and even easier than creating a GIF from YouTube yourself. We appreciate the flexibility and openness of Android, which has absolutely no limits on customization. Almost all animated GIFs and also MP4 format can be installed as wallpaper.

There were already animated wallpapers available in Play Store, we also consider 3D Parallax which produces wallpapers with 3D effect, but here, this method gives you almost unlimited options compared to wallpaper selection for animated screens. You can fire any wood; When you come across a GIF/MP4 you like while browsing, you can download it immediately.

Some will automatically think that this kind of customization will manage to drain your battery life in no time. We can’t say otherwise, it affects the battery but we still found this manipulation fun and that’s why we’re sharing it.

Video Live Wallpaper

video live wallpaper

The first solution to installing an animated wallpaper is to download it. An app called Video Live Wallpaper. After the app is installed, the wallpaper should appear in the option menu. Next, you will need to find an MP4 file that is compatible with the app and your smartphone.

The easiest way for this is to search on Google again. Wallpapers designed to promote Apple’s 3D Touch feature may do the trick and are available as MP4s. After downloading, store it in your smartphone memory.

Once done, go to the wallpaper options of Video Live Player, click “Video Source” and select the MP4 file you just downloaded. If all went well, you should see your animated image appear when you return to the customization screen.

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Video Live Wallpaper

Animation GIF Live Wallpaper

animGIF gif wallpaper

This app will work for your GIFs. It is available in the Google Play Store, there is a “Lite” version, that is, completely free. After installing it, start looking for a moving image if you haven’t already.

One advice, whenever possible, search for your GIF by specifying it with the Google search engine (for example). dimensions corresponding to your screen. Once all this is done go to your normal wallpaper management menu.

Scroll through the wallpapers until you find AnimGIF Live Wallpaper. Then you should reach the office wallpaper of the application, which is a starry night with a shooting star. Both buttons “Set” and “Set Wallpaper” should appear. If you want to make more settings, select “Settings”.

There, hit “Choose GIF files” and select the GIF you want in the tree view. Go back to the wallpaper selection, choose the animated one you just installed. From now on, your home screen should come alive. GIF slideshows, assigning view queues, etc. There are many options available as well.

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