How to Disable YouTube Autoplay Videos

If you want YouTube to stop playing the next video automatically, here’s how to disable YouTube autoplay and get your sanity back.

In the last few weeks, you may have noticed that after watching a YouTube video in a web browser, another related video soon starts playing, even if the video you’re watching isn’t part of a playlist.

This was an experimental feature that YouTube tried on some of its users, but now it’s a regular feature available to all users and if you’re like me, you’d hate the idea of ​​autoplaying.

On YouTube, a new video starts playing about 10 seconds after the last one has finished. Such a thing usually doesn’t matter if you close the window right after watching, but it gets annoying if you’re someone who likes to stay on the page and read the comments after the video is over. when a new video starts playing automatically.

However, here’s how to disable autoplay on YouTube.

Disable YouTube Autoplay

Surprisingly, disabling autoplay on YouTube is really simple and it takes literally one click to do it.

When you get to a video you want to watch, go to the top-right corner of the webpage and look for a blue toggle that says “Autoplay”. Simply click this toggle switch to turn it off. From then on, YouTube no longer automatically plays another video after watching the first video.


One thing to note is that YouTube saves this setting as a “cookie”. A cookie is a piece of information that a website gives to your web browser and then stores that information in a text file. The cookie is then sent back to the website each time your web browser visits it. Think of it as custom settings for a website, and disabling autoplay on YouTube is one of those custom settings.

The trick is, every time you reset the cookies for your web browser, YouTube will lose these custom settings and autoplay videos will reappear until you disable the feature again.

Other YouTube Tips

Disabling autoplay videos isn’t the only trick you can do on YouTube. In fact, there are loads of cool things you can do on YouTube that you might not have thought were possible.

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You can save YouTube videos for offline viewing on Android devices, and you can even do the same thing on iPhone (though only with third-party apps).

There’s also a trick to manually changing YouTube video quality on Android, rather than relying on the app to automatically determine the best quality, which is often not quite accurate.

Also, there are ways to “listen” to YouTube videos on iPhone without playing them; this can be great if you are trying to save data on the go. This can be done with a little trick in Safari, or you can use third-party apps like Musi that will let you browse YouTube videos but will only play the audio to save bandwidth; this is perfect if you just want it. hearing the soundtrack of a music video.

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