How to Disable Water Damage Pop-ups on Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerful flagship smartphone that combines most of the latest mobile technologies in one impressive device. One of the biggest and best features when it debuted in February was IP67 certification. This makes the Galaxy S5 both dust and water resistant.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S5 can be submerged in about 1 meter of water for more than 30 minutes without causing any problems. water tests on youtube shows that it can handle deep waters for hours and works just fine.

Making the smartphone IP67 dust and water resistant was a great move, as we’ve all definitely lost a phone to water or a toilet or know someone else who has it. While we love this new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5, there are several pop-ups to “remind” users to take a few steps to secure the device. They are extremely annoying, but you can get rid of them.

To ensure that users fully understand that they need to cover the charging port or tightly close the back cover for the water-resistant features to work, Samsung has integrated some large and intrusive pop-up messages into the device. Every time you unplug your Galaxy S5 from the charger, the popup usually appears after turning off the screen. This means it wakes up the device and reminds them to turn off the charging port, just to annoy users.

The same popup also appears every time a user restarts their smartphone. As you can see in the picture above, they are quite large and you cannot miss them. Of course you all know what I’m talking about.

We have some bad news. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T or T-Mobile, these pop-ups will not disappear anytime soon and you will be annoyed by these pop-ups every time you charge your smartphone. But Sprint and Verizon let you hide these obnoxious messages.


I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t need to say more than once or twice that I need to do this to make sure my $600 phone isn’t ruined. Have it with me every time I charge it. This usually happens several times a day. Thanks Samsung for the 150 reminders.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon or Sprint, you can remove these pop-ups. Most users have probably already done this without paying attention, but if they pop up after unplugging the charger or rebooting, scroll down and select the “don’t show this message again” box. This much. You will never be reminded again by these annoying pop-ups.

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Unfortunately if you’re like me and have an AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S5, you’re stuck with these messages every day unless you hack your Galaxy S5. Users who want to take some extreme steps can root Galaxy S5 using the guide above provided on XDA Developers, install Xposed frameworkthen download the Xposed G-TouchWiz Mod from: Google Play storeand hide popups like this. The video below explains it all.

As you can see from the video above, hiding these messages is pretty easy for some tech-savvy users, but average owners might want to avoid it. You will need to root your device (which may void your warranty) download and install a few additional files from unknown sources, then download the app from Play Store to manage your device.

These steps are not recommended for beginners as some changes may damage your device if you are not careful. It is worth reading about how the Xposed Framework mods work on Android smartphones, and then acting carefully.

This much. If you followed all the steps mentioned above, you should now have access to hide those annoying pop-ups on your Galaxy S5 from AT&T or T-Mobile.