How to Disable Open Language for Siri on iPhone and iPad

Imagine a situation where you are at home among loved ones. Suddenly a question pops into your mind and you immediately summon Siri on your iPhone for a quick answer. Although the virtual assistant offers you the correct answer, it uses clear language during the conversation. Aren’t you ashamed? Most likely, you would. Here’s this little hack that can save your day by disabling explicit language for Siri on iPhone and iPad!

How to Filter Open Language for Siri and Dictation on iPhone and iPad

iOS provides a native option for Siri to filter out offensive language. And when you turn this feature off, the virtual assistant keeps bad words out of the vocabulary. So, if you don’t want your personal assistant to come off as shocking, especially when surrounded by respected people (or family members), you’d better filter the explicit language for Siri and dictation on your iOS or iPadOS device right away. Let me guide you in quick steps.

one. Settings Select the app on your iPhone or iPad, and then Screen TIME.

2. Now, tap on Content and Privacy Restrictions and then turn on the switch right next to it Content and Privacy Restrictions.

Turn On Content and Restrictions in iOS 13

Note: If you have enabled the passcode for Screen Time, you will now need to enter the passcode before turning this switch on.

3. Next, tap on it. Content Restrictions.

Choose Content Restrictions

4. Under Siri sectiontap on Open Language. And then choose Not allow. After that, exit the Settings app.

Do not allow Siri to use Explicit language

From now on, Siri will no longer use offensive language. So you can use the personal assistant comfortably anywhere without any embarrassment.

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Prevent Siri from Using Bad Language on iPhone and iPad…

This is the simple way to stop Siri from using bad words. While not a must-have feature for many, I found it very useful. Since we are talking about Apple’s personal assistant, I also recommend deleting Siri and dictation history from time to time to protect your privacy. And if you like cool Siri Shortcuts, don’t miss the trick to allow untrusted shortcuts in iOS 13 as they can greatly improve automation.

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