How to Disable Icon Notification Badges on Galaxy S8

In this guide, we will show you how to disable the annoying notification badges on the Samsung Galaxy S8. As messages and notifications pile up on your phone, small orange dots appear on app icons along with the number of unread notifications. This is a feature that many users love, such as those from the iPhone.

However, these notification badges don’t work with all your apps. So in some you will see it, in some you will not. This is annoying and luckily there is a way to disable them.

In the past, you could easily disable notification badges from the settings menu. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Most of the Galaxy S8 software is highly customizable, but Samsung doesn’t let us turn that off. However, we found a solution, keep reading the quick and simple instructions. This goes for the Galaxy S8+ as well.

Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that there is a temporary fix and a permanent fix. To clear the notification badge, press and hold the app icon and tap “clear badge” from the popup. This gets rid of the orange notification dot, but comes back whenever you get another notification.

How to Disable Notification Badges on Galaxy S8

To completely disable notification badges, we need to download a 3rd party app from the Google Play Store. Be sure to ONLY disable the notification badge option detailed below. Disabling other packages or things may damage your phone. Be careful with this application.

Clear all notification badges from every app you start. Otherwise, they will be stuck on the screen after following the guide below.

Check this box ONLY

Again, we do not recommend users to tick other boxes or disable any packages on the Galaxy S8. Some of these are very important to how the phone works and you will cause problems if you check the wrong box. So just disable BadgeProvider then go home and never use the app again.

Now you will never see those annoying orange circles with numbers on them. All icon notification badges are gone forever. You can’t choose which apps have notification points and which don’t. All or nothing. If you want to get them back, uncheck the box and remove BK Package Disabler.

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Other details

Finally, if you’re worried about messing with your phone or downloading 3rd party apps, we have one more solution. Get a different launcher for Galaxy S8. You can download and install a new Master Launchermany have many more options and customizations than Samsung’s.

Google Now Launcher looks like stock Android or Pixel Launcher makes Galaxy S8 look like Pixel 2 XL. And like others NOVA Launcher it is extremely popular. It basically changes how the entire home screen and app tray looks.

Unfortunately these three suggestions are your only options when it comes to getting rid of notification icon badges on the Galaxy S8. Before you go, take a look at these 25 Best Galaxy S8 cases.

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