How to Disable Google Now On Tap

Google Now On Tap is one of the new features integrated into Android 6.0. Among other important new features we can mention, for example, the ability to manage individual authorizations or even the Doze mode, which allows you to save real battery life.

And anyone who gets the Marshmallow update on their phone or bought an Android flagship from 2016 can now access the feature. In one app, with a long press of the Home button, Now on Tap scans the page you’re on and reveals the information it finds most interesting (celebrity name, place, movie title, etc.). Once complete, it will present you with additional data about it in a separate window at the bottom of your screen.

Google Assistant and personal cards are still available, but you have to tap the G logo at the bottom of the screen to access them; this is slightly less convenient for seeing the weather, your personal news feed or Google reminders.

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Google Assistant is a very good function, but in some cases it can be a little annoying, so we offer you a very quick little tutorial.

How to disable Google Now On Tap:

  • Long press the home button on your phone. Open Google Now On Tap
  • Tap the G logo at the bottom of the screen
don't touch now-2
  • Tap on the three lines inside. upper left corner to open the menu
  • Tap on “Settings” > “Google on Tap”
don't touch now-3
  • turn the key Turn off to disable Google Now On Tap.
don't touch now

Here Google Now On Tap is now disabled, do the same if you want to put it back.

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