How to Disable Google Hangouts Last Seen

The last seen or last active feature has become a regular feature for most instant messengers, and Hangouts is no different. However, the last seen feature is quite intimidated by some as people notice when you ignore them. Fortunately, Google was kind enough to offer an option to disable Hangouts’ last seen feature. So, if you’re running into trouble with Google Hangouts last seen, here’s how to disable it on different platforms.

Disable Last Seen in Hangouts Web Client or Extension

If you use Google Hangouts through the web portal, you can sign in to your Google account in the Hangouts web client. Next, hamburger menu button to bring up the sidebar.

Here, “Settings“. On the Settings page, Uncheck “Show when you were last online” To disable the last seen feature.

google-hangouts-last seen-web

You can also disable the last active feature of Hangouts via the Chrome extension. You can only open the Chrome app, hamburger menu button and options, Uncheck “Show when you were last online”.

google-hangouts-last seen-extension

Disable Last Seen in Gmail Web Client

If you don’t use Hangouts’ standalone web client or extension and instead use Hangouts in Gmail, you can still disable last seen.

To do this, just click on your name and Uncheck “Show when you were last seen online”.

gmail-hangouts-last seen

Disable Last Seen in Hangouts App

on Android

To disable the last screen in the Hangouts app on an Android smartphone or tablet, open the hamburger menu and Settings. Here, choose your account.


Next, tap on “.Share your status” option and only Turn off the “last seen” toggle.

google-hangouts-android-app-last seen

on iOS

If you’re using Google Hangouts on an iPhone or iPad, you can go to: Settings in the app and tap on “.Situation” choice.


Here, just Turn off the “last active” option To disable last seen in Hangouts.

google-hangouts-ios-last seen

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Easily turn off last seen feature in Google Hangouts

These were some simple steps to disable last seen on Google Hangouts. Whether it’s your PC, Mac or smartphone, Google lets you turn off the last active Hangouts from anywhere, which is absolutely awesome.

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Google may hand off Hangouts to corporate users in the future, but it won’t go away anytime soon. So we hope this simple Hangouts tutorial will be of use to you.

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