How to Disable Blinkfeed on HTC One M9

Now shiny new two-tone aluminum HTC One M9 smartphone is available now carrier shelves, buyers start to pick it up and install everything. One of the most popular features of the One series is Blinkfeed. HTC’s own custom app designed to bring news, sports, social and even email updates from one place to users’ home screens. Here is one type of news and information gathering tool and how to disable it.

While the HTC One M9’s beautiful hardware and aluminum design is one of the main attractions aside from the improved new camera, the subtle changes and improvements to Android 5.0 and Sense UI 7 really bring the experience home for many users. . Blinkfeed is one of our favorite features, as is the theme engine, but not everyone wants it to take over their home screen.

When it comes to modifying or customizing a smartphone, the new On M9 has tons of options, mainly due to the theme tool. The HTC One M9 is a popular smartphone available in multiple colors across all carriers, and Android as a whole allows for so much customization that it can be confusing at times. If you want simple instructions to remove Blinkfeed from your device, read on after the break.

Blinkfeed is like an RSS feed or news aggregator that brings you news articles, sports alerts or information, social networking updates and mentions, weather alerts and more. It’s extremely helpful, but we know exactly what to do if you want to get rid of it.

With the One M9, HTC has changed a lot about HTC Sense. There is a widget on the home screen that predicts which apps are used the most and puts them in a box on your home screen. It’s nice but I removed it because it changes frequently. Next, I wanted other apps next to my home screen, but that’s where HTC Blinkfeed is. So let’s get rid of it.


As the title suggests, if you want to disable Blinkfeed entirely or even change it to be the default screen you see when you get home, the instructions below do both. One area allows you to switch home screens extremely simply and remove the entire home screen or Blinkfeed at the touch of a button.

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Just long press on any blank area of ​​any screen; You will see a familiar popup on Android for home screen options. Manage wallpaper, Apps & widgets or Home screen pages. The latter will both work, but select “”. Here you can scroll through all your home screens and Blinkfeed on the far left. Simply go to it and select . That’s it and now it’s completely gone. Leaving this field blank so that the user can add their desired apps here instead of Blinkfeed.


Another route is inside Blinkfeed. While inside Blinkfeed, tap the three lines in the top left which brings up the scrolling navigation menu. Then tap on the three dots menu button, tap on settings and go to “manage home screen panels”. This is where you can remove it or even set it as your main home screen with the button.


This brings you to the same menu as before. Then all you have to do is swipe to the Blinkfeed panel and select remove. It’s that easy and can be done in less than a minute. This completely removes Blinkfeed and you’re done.

Now that you’ve freed up some space on your screen, you can use the 5-inch screen to add new app icons, widgets, and more. Then, as we said above, try the new theme engine and further change the look and feel of your device. Stay tuned for more HTC One M9 news, coverage, how-tos and more.