How to Delete Your Internet Browser History

There are many reasons to delete your internet browser history. Whatever reason you choose, here’s how to erase it and hide your tracks.

First off, it’s important to remember that your browser history and search history are two different things. This how-to guide will show you how to delete your browser history, but we also have a guide on how to delete your Google Search history.

Every website you visit is recorded in the web browser’s history, unless you’re browsing with Incognito Mode or Private Browsing Mode enabled. This can be a worthwhile feature to have, as it allows you to go back and find a website you may have forgotten weeks later.

Also, having a browser history makes web browsing easier and faster in the first place. When a web browser saves your history, it also saves URLs, so when you go to type a web address, your web browser will fill it in automatically if you’ve visited that website before.

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However, you may not want your web browser to save your browsing history, and we don’t blame you. Not only does it show you which websites you visit, storing all this information takes up storage space on your computer, and if you’re running out of disk space fast, clearing your browser’s history and cache is a good place to start. .

Here’s how you can delete your web browsing history on your desktop or laptop computer with instructions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Google Chrome

Chrome history

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox history


Apple is making deleting your internet browsing history a little easier and much simpler.


Protect Yourself Next Time

If you don’t want your web browser to save your browsing history in the first place, make sure to open a new window in Incognito Mode or Private Browsing Mode. This ensures that the websites you visit are not recorded in your history.

Even if you are not in Private Browsing Mode, you can change the settings so that your web browser does not save any of your browsing history. These settings are usually found in the browser history menus where you clear your browsing history.

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