How to Delete Unread Facebook Messages

Sometimes we don’t want to read Facebook messages from some of our Facebook “friends”, but here’s how to delete them without ever opening them.

There are many reasons why you might want to delete an unread Facebook message, mostly because Facebook contains read receipts, so when you open a message, the sender will know whether you have read it or not, but if you receive an unsolicited message from someone else. “Friend” in helping them out by liking their new Facebook page, you just want to delete it and get on with your day, but if you read it first and then delete it, you’re in for some trouble.

However, there are ways to delete a Facebook message without opening it, so when you go to delete it it stays marked as unread and the other person assumes you haven’t read it yet, otherwise they will text you. Look at what you read and wonder why you still haven’t answered.

Also, Facebook gives you a short excerpt from the message, usually the first sentence or two. From that alone, you can see what the message is about without even opening it, which is a win-win situation.

We will show you how to delete unread Facebook messages on both your computer and mobile device with Facebook Messenger.

Delete Unread Facebook Messages on Your Computer

If you see the dreaded red badge next to the Messages icon in the top Facebook toolbar, don’t panic. There is a way to delete it without ever opening it in the first place.

When you receive a Facebook message, you’ll see a small red badge next to the Messages icon in the toolbar. If you prefer to delete rather than open, follow these simple steps.



In any case, that’s all!

Delete Unread Facebook Messages on Your Mobile Device

Deleting unread Facebook messages on mobile is a bit easier as the Facebook Messenger app is really easy to use and has an intuitive design. Here’s how to easily and quickly delete unread Facebook messages on Facebook Messenger.


That is all! Now, when you receive a Facebook message that you don’t want to open and read, you can easily delete it without ever opening it.

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