How to Delete Siri and Dictation History in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

The tech giant drew a lot of criticism from all sides when a shocking report emerged a few months ago revealing how Apple shared its Siri recordings with contractors. Sensing the heat, the company immediately stopped Siri’s speech rating program and also offered a workaround that includes turning off Siri and Dictation altogether on each device. But this also meant that you could no longer use Siri, which made the whole situation worse. Fortunately, what can be considered a well thought out move to resolve this dilemma, Apple has now provided a much better way to clear Siri and dictation history in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

Note: This feature was introduced with the iOS 13.2 update, which is currently in beta. If you are running stable versions of iOS or iPadOS, you should wait for the stable iOS 13.2 release.

How to Delete Siri History on iPhone and iPad with Ease

As before, Apple no longer rates your Siri voice recordings by default. Therefore, you can choose to participate or ignore the rating program. Also, if you want to protect your security and privacy in iOS 13, you can delete all Siri history from a particular device. Having said that, let me show you how to do it the right way!

one. Settings app Select on your iPhone or iPad and Siri and Search.

2. Now, tap on Siri and Dictation History located under ask Siri episode.

Tap on Siri & Dictation History

3. Tap . “Delete Siri and Dictation History”. Now, a small menu will open from the bottom of the screen, tap on it. Delete Siri and Dictation History Again.

Delete Siri and Dictation History

Now, Siri and dictation interactions currently associated with this iPhone or iPad will be deleted from Apple servers. So now you can take a breather!

Easily Eliminate Siri Conversation History from Apple Servers

When dealing with privacy-related things, it’s important to be as transparent as possible. While I’m more or less happy with Apple’s move to make participation in the ratings program an option of choice, I wish the tech giant had been clear on this from the get-go. I understand that the company needs to compile certain data as part of its effort to improve Siri’s performance, but allowing contractors to eavesdrop on personal conversations even without permission goes too far. Let me know your thoughts on this whole thing and if you’re happy with the inclusion of the option to remove Siri conversation history.

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