How to Delete Google Browsing History on Android

Your Android smartphone keeps track of all the searches you’ve done on Google and all the websites you’ve visited on Chrome in the past. Most of the time, it’s not a problem, but the thing is, we tend to forget about it. Also, not everyone thinks of surfing in private browsing all the time. Fortunately, there is an unstoppable way to delete this history.

Sometimes you want to keep your searches on the internet when you loan your laptop, have friends or an inconsiderate spouse, or just want to protect your privacy on Android. hidden. Chrome has an incognito mode for this, but unfortunately this can potentially prevent some apps from running.

When you’ve already visited several sites and don’t want it to be known (we know what you’re thinking, you punks), it’s always possible. delete google history on android. The method is extremely simple.

Android: How to Delete All Google Browsing History

delete all history

To delete all your history:

  1. Meeting in this link*
  2. Open the menu by pressing the three little dots in the top right
  3. If you want to delete everything, go to: Delete Options > Advanced > All Period
  4. To touch To delete and confirm

Delete only certain items

To delete only certain items:

  1. Meeting in this link*
  2. Check the box next to the items you want to remove from your history
  3. When you check a box, a large To delete written in blue
  4. Tap this to delete selected items

Note that you can find old history items by simply clicking them. calendar Click and choose a date.

delete recent items

To delete rapidly most recent searches:

  • Tap the search field: recent searches performed are displayed
  • Long press the call you want to delete
  • tap on OK

* You can also access this page on Android by going to your browser settings and then going to the page. Account & Privacy > Google Account History > Web Activity > manage history.

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