How to Delete All iPhone iMessage Attachments at Once

If you’re running out of storage space on your iPhone, an easy way to free up space is to delete iMessage attachments. Here’s how to delete all iPhone iMessage attachments the easy way.

There are many ways to free up space on your iPhone, including some unfamiliar methods like clearing the Recently Deleted folder in Photos or even uninstalling and reinstalling apps to clear app cache and data. .

However, one method that many users may not even think of is to get rid of iMessage attachments.

Photos, audio files, etc. on your iPhone. When you send and receive text messages containing text messages, they are stored on your iPhone until you manually delete them. In fact, it’s something that occupies space in the mysterious “Other” category you’re probably familiar with.

For example, if you take a photo on your iPhone and then send it to someone via iMessage, there are two copies of that photo stored on your iPhone: one in the Photos app and one in the Messages app.

By regularly cleaning your iMessage attachments, you will be able to free up space on your iPhone and reclaim previously missing free storage space.

To do this easily, here is how to delete all your iPhone iMessage attachments at once.

Deleting All iPhone iMessage Attachments

When you receive a text message with a photo attached or send a photo via text message, those photos are stored in the Messages app on your iPhone, even if you already have a copy in the Photos app. This can quickly take up more space on your iPhone, but here’s how to delete these attachments.

The process is a bit complicated at first, but it’s pretty easy to do and the first time you do it, it will be really easy from now on.

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delete all message attachments-4

delete all message attachments-2

Automatically Delete iMessage Attachments

If you choose not to follow the above process to free up some space once in a while, you can have your iPhone automatically delete old messages after a set period of time, including photos you’ve sent or received.

delete all message attachments-3

To do this, scroll to and select an option for how long you want messages to be kept before they are deleted. You can choose between , or .

This will delete all text messages (not just attachments) that exceed the desired time frame you specify. It’s not the most ideal setting to enable as you might need to go back to previous text messages from the past, but it’s perhaps the best way to automatically free up space on your iPhone without you having to do anything.

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