How to Delete All Health Data on iPhone in iOS 13

Putting health and wellness at the forefront, Apple has greatly improved its stock health app. Features like exercise tracking, cycle tracking, hearing health and sleep tracking have made it a great tool for fitness freaks and health-conscious people alike. The app keeps track of all your data including heart rate, walking/running steps and more so you can track your progress and even share your data. While many prefer to keep their health data indefinitely, I like to delete them after a period of time – especially when those chunks of data are no longer needed. Not only does it prevent the Health app from using up plenty of storage, it also helps keep it clutter-free. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can delete all Health data from iPhone on iOS 13 or later.

Delete All Health Data from iPhone

Depending on your needs, you can eliminate all saved health records at once or clear individual data in certain categories, such as heart rate and active energy. What about health data synced with other apps? The Health app also lets you clear records synced with other apps like Clock, Messages, and more. So you get the control you want over your health data and you can manage it according to your comfort. So let’s get straight to the point and get started with the steps!

How to Delete App Health Data from iPhone

one. health app Tap on and on your iPhone. profile picture in the upper right corner.

2. under Privacy section, select apps

Select Apps under Privacy

3. Under apps section you should see the apps that have access to your health data. For example, if you want to remove the data associated with the stock clock app, tap on it. Next, tap on Data and shoot Erase All Data From the “clock”. After that, click on To delete to approve.

Delete Health Data from Clock app on iPhone

If you want to delete all data associated with the health app, Health and then tap on Delete All Data in Health. After that, tap on To delete To confirm that you want to permanently get rid of all health data on your iPhone.

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Clear Health Data from iPhone

Note: Also, all health data Settings app > Health > Data Access & Devices.

How to Delete Individual Health Data from iPhone

In case you want to remove certain data such as heart rate, active energy or walking/running distance, there is also a way to do it.

1. Start Health Install the app on your device and make sure the Summary tab is selected at the bottom. Under FavoritesTap on individual category like Pulse or Active Energy.

How to Delete Individual Health Data from iPhone 1

2. Now scroll down and Show All Data and tap To organise in the upper right corner. Finally, tap on Delete everything in the upper left corner of the screen and confirm.

How to Delete Individual Health Data from iPhone 2

Note: If a specific health data is not visible on the summary page, tap on it. Show All Health Data and then select the relevant category.

Delete Health Data on Your iPhone

So, this is how you can take control of your health data on your iOS device. It’s good that Apple has offered the flexibility needed to manage personal data. Now that you know how the process works, take advantage of it to keep your device storage organized. If you are conscious of your privacy, you can also use this process to delete data. So, use the steps above to take control of your health data.