How to Delay Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Beginning October 17th, the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 (version 1709) will be available to general users. The update will begin rolling out in stages, starting with newer devices and eventually reaching all Windows 10 users. The new update brings tons of new features like Story Mix, a Cloud powered Clipboard and much more. However, if you rely on your system for work or prefer to wait for the update to make sure it’s stable enough, read on as we show you. How to easily delay Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

note: This method only works on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, not Home Edition. Although this method will delay the Fall Creators Update, your system will still receive all necessary security patches. This will help fix any vulnerabilities in the version you are running.

  • Open Windows 10’s settings By pressing the Windows + I keys. Click here “Update and Security”.

  • Under “Update settings” click on “Advanced options”.

Update Settings - Advanced Options

  • A new window should now open. Scroll down “Choose when to install updates” episode. Here, click the dropdown to defer “feature updates”as shown in the picture below.

Choose when to install updates

  • From here Select the number of days the Fall Creators Update will be delayed.. For example, I chose to delay the update for 365 days, but you can choose any number based on your preferences.

Number of days Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be delayed

  • And that’s it. Your device will not receive the Fall Creators Update until the time you specify or restore settings.

Avoid Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Alternative Method

note: While this method works on all versions of Windows 10, it blocks all background network related tasks such as Windows Store downloads or live updates of the Start Menu. While priority updates will continue to be downloaded via Windows Update, it will block the Fall Creators Update.

  • Open your computer’s settings By pressing the Windows + I keys. Click here “Network and Internet”.

Settings - Network and Internet

  • Under “Network and Internet”go “Wireless Internet”and then Click on the name of the network you are connected to. (If you want to do this for a different network, click “Manage known networks” to find the list of networks your computer has previously connected to. If you choose this option, click the desired network name and then click “Properties”.)
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Wifi Connected Wifi

  • Here, Under “Metered connection”You will find a toggle called “Set as metered connection”. Open this and you’re done.

Metered Connection

And that’s it. Windows 10 will now assume you have a limited data plan and will not download updates when connecting to that WiFi network.

Completely Block All Windows 10 Updates

Alternatively, you may want to block all updates for your Windows 10. Due to your limited data plan or not wanting to risk updating your device, there are several methods to block all updates. We recently wrote a detailed article about it, you can check it out here.

Configure Automatic Updates

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Easily Delay Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Although any new update will go through the entire Windows Insider Program, there may still be some bugs that are not reported and may be supported in the final release. So it’s a good precaution to wait for a new update to become available in bulk, especially if you rely on your system for business or other important purposes. I know a few people in my office who will definitely wait a while before updating. But what about you? Let us know your reasons for delaying the Fall Creators Update in the comments section below.

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