How to Customize Microsoft Edge with the Color Theme Picker

Mozilla Firefox is probably the most customizable web browser in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, but Google Chrome is catching up fast. Chromium-based Edge has so far lagged behind its two established rivals, but Microsoft has been injecting all-new customization features into its latest browser lately. The browser is now updated with a ‘.color theme picker‘ this makes it possible to customize its look and feel. Here’s how you can customize Microsoft Edge with the new color theme picker.

Customize Microsoft Edge with Color Theme Picker

Color theme picker for Edge Chromium only available in Canary Channel for now. And it is hidden behind an edge flag and needs to be enabled manually. Note that even if you are running the stable version of the browser on your computer, you can install the Canary channel without deleting the current version.

This means that you can use any two versions of the program on your computer at the same time. So, you can follow the guide below to customize Microsoft Edge on your PC.

1. First, Download Edge Chromium (Canary Channel) from the official Microsoft Edge Insider website (Free).

2. Type (or copy+paste) to activate the color theme picker border://flags in the browser address bar and press the ‘Enter’ key.

Microsoft Edge with Color Theme Picker

3. Now type (or copy+paste) #edge-color-theme-picker flags in the search bar and enable the option from the dropdown as seen below.

Microsoft Edge with Color Theme Picker

4. Restart the browser and type edge://settings/appearance enter it in the address bar. Press the ‘Enter’ key. A number of options will immediately be presented to change the look and feel of your browser.

Microsoft Edge

5. From here, you can customize the default Microsoft Edge theme and choose your accent color. As you can see, I currently have the orange theme enabled in my browser.

Microsoft Edge with Color Theme Picker

Customize Microsoft Edge Chromium with Highlight Colors

The color theme picker in Microsoft Edge Chromium allows you to choose a default color for the browser, change the color highlight at the top of the browser and the highlight color for each new tab you open. It’s still a work in progress and the options available are limited to just a few options. However, it is expected to have more options in the future. So download Edge Canary, choose your own color scheme using the color theme picker and let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment below.

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