How to Customize Galaxy S5 Notification Bar

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally available here and in the United States, more and more consumers are starting to get their hands on the impressive flagship smartphone.

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerful smartphone packed with features, most of these features or quick settings to enable them are hidden in the menus. Of course, WiFi and Bluetooth are easily accessible with a single swipe from the notification bar from the top of the screen, but did you know that they are all fully customizable?

Users who enjoy the Galaxy S5 but always have WiFi or Bluetooth on (or off) and want the notification pop-up bar, even the Quick Settings Menu, which we’ll talk about below, all have different options, we’ll explain in full below. how to do it. Samsung allows for a lot of customization and it only takes a few taps to toggle all the options in the notification drawer and pop-up bar.

As many users have probably noticed, the notification pop-up bar has five quick toggles for settings, and depending on the carrier, you even have an always-available slider to change the brightness of your screen. If you pull down the notification bar with two fingers instead of one, you’ll get an even better “Quick Settings” menu. The same menu can also be obtained by pulling down the notification drawer and tapping the three squares and a spinning arrow type icon in the top right.

It’s officially called the Quick Settings or Transitions menu. The original 5 quick settings toggles in the dropdown bar can be changed and customized just like this entire quick settings menu. Of course these are determined by the needs of each user, so read on to see how easy it is to change them.


Extremely simple. Users will start by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the squares icon in the top right or swiping down with two fingers to access “Quick Settings”. From here, you’ll see WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and a few more options similar to the ones shown below.

Screenshot 2014-06-16, 3.47.34 PM

Tap the icon at the top right to go to the quick settings menu, then tapping “Pencil” at the top of the screen will take you to edit mode. Tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the secondary notification popup quick settings bar and you will be taken to the Notification Panel settings edit location. From here (depending on the carrier) you can completely remove the brightness adjustment slider from the bar and adjust all the quick buttons we mentioned above.

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Below, take a look at what you need to tap and how easy it is to change them.


From here you can change and arrange the Active buttons and all buttons as you wish. All 10 settings shown in the upper right corner of the image above are available in the first drop-down menu of the notification bar. Just swipe to the side and they will all appear.

However, once you’ve selected the stylus and are in edit mode as shown above (and below), it’s extremely easy to change or customize the notification pop-up drawer options. Long press any button you want to remove and when it is highlighted you can drag and drop it wherever you want. This allows users to change the order of the settings toggles or remove something like WiFi if you’re like me and never turn it off. If you’re never going to disable it, you don’t need to switch. Replace it with Toolbox, power saver mode or even airplane mode for frequent travelers.


Here you can drag and drop your favorite toggles or settings onto the Enabled buttons, which is the first list you see when you pull down the notification bar, and you can also fully customize the larger “Quick Settings” menu. two finger swipe. That is all.

There are tons of options here for screen mirroring, smart pause where videos stop when you look away from the screen, block mode, and even Samsung’s new download accelerator if your carrier hasn’t disabled it.

All of this is customizable so go to settings and change whatever you want to get the most out of your Galaxy S5 and notification drawer.

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