How to Customize Default Mail and Message Replies on Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch, it’s pretty easy to track and respond to things like messages and emails. I choose from a handful of default answers to answer, especially when I’m on the go and don’t have much time for detailed answers. Interestingly, watchOS also gives you the flexibility to customize the default mail/message replies on Apple Watch so you can get your feedback right away. Let me show you how it works!

Edit Default Message/Mail Replies on Apple Watch

When a new email or message arrives, Apple Watch displays a series of options that allow you to respond immediately. For example, you can choose to respond using fun-loving emojis, doodles, voice dictation, or you can respond with predefined responses without having to dig through your iPhone.

However, how do you edit the default message or mail replies in watchOS? To add a new reply or fine-tune existing replies, you must use the Watch app for iPhone.

1. Start watch app on your iPhone.

2. Now, make sure my watch tab is selected.

Tap the My Watch tab

3. Then scroll down and Mail/Messages. The process is the same for both mail and message replies. Therefore, you can choose the preferred option according to your needs. In this guide, I will choose Mail.

Choose Mail or Messages

4. Next, choose Default Answers.

Choose default answers

5. Next, tap . add answer.

Tap add reply


  • You can also edit Mail or Message replies on your Apple Watch.
  • Simply tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. Then type the new response, such as “I’ll call you later”. Make sure to tap Done to finish after typing the new reply.

6. Now use the onscreen keyboard to type the custom reply.

add custom reply

7. Finally, make sure to tap on it. Completed to confirm the changes

Tap Done to finish

Easily Fine-tune Messages/Mail Replies on watchOS

That is all! So you can add new mail/message replies or edit existing replies on your Apple Watch. Now that you know how it works, add a variety of replies so you can use it for quick response.

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