How to Create Instagram Guides on iPhone and Android

Sharing fun photos and videos with my friends and followers on Instagram is something I never get tired of doing. Apart from “Reels” and “Vanish Mode”, the feature that fascinates me the most in this social networking app is “Guides”. What makes it so interesting is its ability to let you recommend posts, places, or even products that you think your followers would love to check out. If you find it worth a try, let me show you how you can create and share Instagram guides on iPhone and Android.

Create Instagram and Share Guides on iOS and Android

First of all, “Guides” is a brand new feature that has just been rolled out. So, make sure your device is fully built-in. If you haven’t updated Instagram on your device yet, make sure you do so beforehand.

  • If you’re using an iPhone, fire up App Store -> Profile. Now find Instagram and update as usual.
  • On your Android device, navigate to: Google Play Store -> menu button > My apps & games. Now, find Instagram and update it.

What Are Instagram Guides and Why Are They So Excited?

As you can imagine, Instagram Guides are primarily aimed at influencers or people who are intimately involved in recommending things to others. When the Facebook-owned social networking app launched the feature on a trial basis in early 2020, it was only available to a select group of creators, such as public figures, organizations, and publishers. They can use it to post content about mental health and well-being.

With the latest update (November 17, 2020), Instagram has made Guides available to all users. Ah yes, the social networking app also expands its scope, allowing you to recommend not only your favorite places and posts but also products. That’s all, let’s get started!

Quick Way to Create Instagram Directory and Share it on Your Profile

  1. To get started, launch: Instagram app on your device.

2. Tap now. Profile tab below and then “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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tap the + button

3. Next, select Guides In the drop-down menu.

Select Contacts in the menu

4. Next three options choose from:

places, products and shipments

  • Place: Choose your favorite places to suggest to your followers.
  • Product:%s: Select to recommend products that you think your followers would love to check out.
  • Posts: Select to suggest posts you’ve created or saved.

Choose the preferred option based on your needs. In this test, I will select Products.

5. After that, select the brand you want and then select the product you want to recommend.

How to Create Instagram Guides on iPhone and Android

6. Next, what you need to do write an appropriate title and add a title. Next, tap on Next in the upper right corner of the screen.

Using Insta Guide

7. Finally, tap on . Share button To share the guide with your profile You can also save it as a draft if you don’t want to share it now.

Share Insta Guide

How to Find Instagram Guides

Guides a separate new tab in your profile. Guides icon a booklet Appearing between the photo grid icon and the tagged photos icon, you can also explore Guides at: To discover tab. Moreover, you will be able to share them in your stories and direct messages.

Browse Guides on Your Profile

Easily Create and Share Instagram Guides

That is all! It’s really fun to create Instagram guides and share them with your friends and followers. As far as I can tell, the decision to offer it to all users seems like a good one as it gives everyone complete freedom to recommend their favorite things.

What would you like to say about the guides? It would be great to know your thoughts on this new Instagram feature in the comments section below.