How to Create Custom Wallpapers from Emojis

Tired of your current wallpaper and can’t find anything good in wallpaper apps? Don’t worry, there is a new website that lets you create wallpapers from emojis. Yes, you read it right. First reported by Android Police, the website is called Emoji Supply and it allows you to create beautiful wallpapers using emojis of your choice. The website was created by developers Nicholas Jitkoff and Alastair Tse. Today we will take a look at how you can use this website to create cute wallpapers from your favorite emojis.

Create Custom Wallpapers from Emojis

Before you begin, the website has the option to create images that fit your current screen. Therefore, for greater convenience, you can use the website from the device on which you plan to use the wallpaper. You also have the option to create images that fit a virtual background, frame, and cover art.

Steps to Create Emoji Wallpapers

1. Open Emoji Supply website and add your favorite emojis in emoji text box. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily have to be an emoji. If you want, you can also create pictures from alphabets and numbers. By default, the page looks like this:

2. Now you can customize the emoji wallpaper according to your preference. You can choose how emojis appear as grid, diamond, hexagon, spiral or scatter. There is also the option to arrange the emojis randomly, sequentially or in alternating order and use a solid, gradient or monochrome effect.

customize emoji supply

3. Developers, a skilled color picker to help you fine tune the background colour. You can choose the color from the palette or add the full RGB, HSL, or HEX values ​​if you have a specific color in mind.

color picker

4. If you need more emojis, you can adjust the emoji density. The available options are compact, convenient and comfortable. As someone on Twitter pointed out, you can also: Use the ‘&fontSize=’ parameter to pack emojis closely.

set emoji intensity

5. After you finish fine-tuning the image and creating something worthy of the wallpaper, set a name for the emoji wallpaper and click the Download button.

set name and download wallpaper

Unleash the Creativity and Design Your Own Wallpapers

Now you can play with different patterns, effects and emojis to create any wallpaper you want. The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can take a look. Jitkoff’s tweet to start.

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Also, if you want your emojis to express a particular emotion, check out our linked guide to see the meanings of all the emojis. If you don’t like the emoji wallpapers, you can always go back to live wallpapers or dynamic wallpapers.