How to convert your physical SIM card to e-SIM?

Google is expected to be the first company for some time to allow users to have more control over their e-SIMs. More precisely, the company promised that it would soon be possible to convert the physical SIM card, which still largely dominates the market, to an increasingly popular solution, e-SIM. As a reminder, the Pixel 8 is only compatible with eSIM in certain countries.

Finally, it was Samsung that released the first one. Indeed, One UI 5.1 now lets you do just that, as Android expert Mishaal Rahman discovered. Better still, it’s also possible to transfer your e-SIM from one smartphone to another in just a few steps. We explain how to do it.

How to get e-SIM from your physical SIM card?

First of all, it is worth noting that as we mentioned above, this manipulation currently only works on Samsung Galaxy smartphones with One UI 5.1. If you do not know whether the interface is installed on your smartphone, you can check the settings of the latter or refer to this article for the list of compatible devices.

After the checks are complete, here is how you can convert your physical SIM card to eSIM:

  1. open them Settings on your smartphone
  2. See you in the episode Links, later SIM Manager
  3. Tap your name physical SIM card
  4. choose option convert to eSIM

However, before jumping into the void, it is necessary to pay attention to a few things. In fact, as Mishaal Rahman states in his title, by converting your SIM card to eSIM, you expose yourself to potential transfer problems when you change your smartphone. If manipulation is indeed possible, it is still only available on compatible Galaxy smartphones, as we will see shortly. Therefore, it is a detail that should be considered before starting the transformation.

How do you transfer your eSIM card from one device to another?

Again, both of your devices need to run on One UI 5.1. So this also applies to the smartphone from which you want to get the e-SIM. If so, here’s what you need to do:

  1. open them Settings on your smartphone
  2. See you in the episode Links, later SIM Manager
  3. Press Adding an e-SIM
  4. choose option SIM transfer from another device
  5. Take the smartphone on which the e-SIM is registered and place it next to your second smartphone
  6. Press To transfer on your old smartphone
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Your new smartphone now contains your old device’s eSIM. Now if you want to receive all your calls and messages, simply select it from the settings menu you were in before.

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