How to Convert Notes to Reminders on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Imagine a situation where you jot down your thoughts. If you suddenly want to remind yourself of your thoughts while texting your friend or in a certain place, how would you set a reminder for them? Go to the Reminders app and then set a custom alert. Oh no, this is quite time consuming and also the old school method! There’s a pretty simple hack to turn notes into reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Let’s dive into the dump to give this awesome hack a shot!

Turn Notes into Reminders on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Arguably, the best part about this trick is that it doesn’t require any third-party apps or tools to be installed. So you can enjoy full leverage without having to spend any money. You also don’t need to rock the latest iteration of iOS or macOS to use this feature.

Turn Notes into Reminders iPhone and iPad

1. Open notes Install the app on your device and go to the note you want to turn into a reminder. At that time, select it.

Note: You can also make parts of notes as reminders. Select the text inside the note and then follow the steps outlined below.

2. Tap now. To share button in the upper right.

Tap the share button

3. Now select Reminders app on the share page.

Select Reminders on the share sheet

4. If you want to set the priority or have the app remind you while texting or in a day, tap . Detail. Then customize your reminder according to your needs. After that, tap the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to go back. Finally, click on Add to approve.

Tap Add

Turn Notes into Reminders on Mac

If you thought turning notes into useful reminders was pretty obvious on iOS, you couldn’t be more wrong. Again, you can turn a full note into a reminder or choose to turn a specific part of a note into an alert.

  1. Start notes app on your Mac, and select any note.

Launch the Notes app on your Mac

Note: If you want to turn part of the note into a reminder, select the text inside the note. After that, all the steps are the same.

2. Now, click on To share button in the toolbar.

Press the share button

3. Next, click on reminders in the share menu.

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Select Reminders in the toolbar

Note: If the Reminders app doesn’t appear in the menu, click on it. More and then check the Reminders box.

4. Next, fine-tune the note according to your needs. For example, you can choose to edit the name and choose a preferred list. If you want to prioritize somewhere or while messaging, add a picture or get a reminder about it, click on it. “me” button next to its name followed by whatever is required.

Fine-tune your reminder

5. When you are done, click on it. Add to approve.

Finally, be sure to click Add to finish.

Come in!

Easily Turn Notes into Reminders on iDevices

So, you can easily turn a note into a reminder so you don’t forget it. For those who often jot down their ideas and want to remember some important points, this little nifty hack can be very helpful. Recently, I’ve covered a few Reminders & Notes related posts, like sharing the Notes folder, showing all-day reminders overdue, and sub-tasks as well as sublists. If you couldn’t keep up with them, check them out.

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