How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV

The iPad has a generous 9.7-inch display (or 7.9-inch if you choose the iPad mini), but sometimes that kind of screen space isn’t enough.

If you have guests or just want to watch an iPad video on a bigger screen, there are ways to connect your iPad to your TV so everything you watch on your iPad can be seen on your living room television. . This is great if you want to show a group of friends photos from a vacation, but don’t want them all to be clustered around a smaller screen, as this can be distracting.

There are several methods you can use to beam your iPad to your TV, both of which require you to buy extra equipment if you don’t have it yet, but if that’s anything you’ll probably be using it a lot. what you desperately want to do.

The television industry is something Apple is developing and the company wants to keep getting better. In fact, a new Apple TV model is rumored to arrive later this year with a host of new features.

Without saying goodbye any more, here are some ways to connect your iPad to your living room TV and enjoy iPad content on the big screen.

Using Apple TV

Perhaps the easiest way to connect your iPad to your television is to use an Apple TV as a kind of intermediary. Apple has a feature called AirPlay that lets you wirelessly beam content from your iPad to an Apple TV, and then Apple TV automatically displays the content on your television.

Obviously, this is the best option if you already have an Apple TV (and we even have a handy guide on how to set up AirPlay), but if you don’t have an Apple TV, it costs $99. For the pony if you want the privilege of using AirPlay. But the Apple TV is definitely something you’ll get a lot of use for, so the cost may be worth it.

You can read the guide we linked above, but the main idea is to tap the AirPlay icon in any app that supports it, then select the Apple TV you want to beam the content to. You’ll want to make sure both your iPad and Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network for it to work.

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Using an Adapter

The cheaper way to connect your iPad to your television is to use a cable adapter. sells apples Lightning to HDMI adapterstogether 30-pin to HDMI adapters for older iPads. This allows you to connect an iPad to your TV via HDMI.

Screenshot 2014-06-23, 1.28.42 PM

Still, there are some limitations. Connecting your iPad to your television using HDMI only allows you to mirror your iPad’s screen to your TV. This is probably fine for most casual users, but since the iPad has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and all HDTVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10, you will encounter black bars on the sides.

That said, this is an Apple TV alternative that many users should consider, especially if you don’t want to spend money on an Apple TV and connect your iPad to your television once in a while. purchasing an adapter is good enough for most users.

Using Your iPad with a Mac or Windows Display

These are just a few ways to connect your iPad to your television, but what if you want to connect your iPad to the display of your Mac or Windows machine? Fortunately, there is a way to do this too.

We use an app for this. weather server, lets you connect your iPad to your computer screen. The app essentially turns your Mac or PC into an AirPlay receiver, so your computer acts like an Apple TV when it comes to AirPlay.

Screenshot 2014-06-23, 1.29.38 PM

Just install AirServer on your Mac or PC and make sure it works. Then take your iPad and beam a video to your computer just like you would on an Apple TV; You will tap the little AirPlay icon and your computer will appear in the list of available AirPlay streaming devices. From there, tap your computer listed and the video will start playing on your computer.

This is the closest to using AirPlay without needing an AirPlay compatible device like an Apple TV. However, you will be limited by the size of your laptop screen or desktop monitor. However, if you have an HTPC connected to your big screen TV, you can use AirServer to stream content directly to your TV this way.

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