How to Connect Your iPad to Your Computer Monitor

Your iPad’s screen is simply huge, so here’s a way to hook it up to a computer monitor to get more screen space to show photos and videos to a larger crowd.

Showing photos of people on your iPad is pretty handy, but when you want to show an entire room, they either have to crowd around the iPad’s screen, or they have to walk around the tablet until everyone is looking. But by connecting your iPad to a computer monitor, you can let everyone enjoy your photos and videos hassle-free.

There are several ways to connect your iPad to an external computer display, with both wired and wireless options. However, we will focus on the wired option, as it is the most reliable and possibly the fastest way to connect your iPad to a monitor.

You’ll need a few items for this to work, and since you probably don’t already have them (i.e. if you’ve never connected your iPad to a computer) you’ll likely have to go out and buy one of these. external display first).

What do you need

To connect your iPad to a computer monitor, you will need an iPad display adapter and a video cable to connect it to your monitor.

Most monitors have a VGA port so Apple’s own Lightning to VGA adapter From the Apple Store. However, if you have a newer monitor, the monitor may have an HDMI port. Apple’s Lightning to Digital AV adapterwill transmit both video and audio to your monitor (as long as your monitor has built-in speakers).

Connect to Monitor

Once you have what you need, simply plug the adapter with the Lightning plug into the Lightning port on your iPad, and then connect the VGA or HDMI cable to the other end of the adapter. If you get Apple’s own adapter (compared to a knockout), you get an extra Lightning port so you can charge your iPad even with the adapter plugged in, which is a really nice convenience.

The video below does a great job of explaining how adapters work if you’re still confused about adapters.

One thing you’ll want to know is that some video apps, like some streaming apps, may detect if you’re using an adapter and not allow you to stream content to your television that way. However, if you’ve purchased movies or TV shows through iTunes, or just want to view your own photos and videos from the Photos app, the adapter is a great way to do it.

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Best Uses

As mentioned, a great use for something like this would be to display photos or videos to a group of people without crowding around your iPad.

This can also make the iPad a good alternative to a computer or laptop. Use the adapter and plug it into a computer monitor and then get a Bluetooth keyboard for typing. Something like this could easily make those long typing sessions more bearable and easier on the eyes. Also, if your iPad is jailbroken, you can get a tweak that lets you use a Bluetooth mouse that will round out the ensemble and be the cherry on top.

Of course, mouse commands will still be limited due to the mobile operating system’s UI, but we think this is a cheaper option than a new MacBook, especially if you take advantage of the iPad mini’s low price.