How to configure a proxy on your Android smartphone

Proxy servers allow you to browse the Internet anonymously or bypass restrictions on certain web services. You may need to configure a proxy on your device to connect to the local network of some institutions or companies. In this article we will see how to do it on an Android smartphone..

For the average user, the usefulness of a proxy is roughly the same as that of a VPN. Both allow you to route your traffic through a remote server; this allows you to be anonymous on the web by changing your relay server’s IP address. Some proxy services also offer data encryption, but not all.

Companies also use proxies for a variety of reasons. They make it possible to filter the web connection on the entire network, as a firewall does, but with additional possibilities such as banning certain domains or types of services (P2P, streaming), caching data to save bandwidth and even speed up browsing. . To connect to the network of these companies – this also applies to schools and universities – you must go through proxy servers, which necessarily require configuration on your computer or smartphone. In this article we will see how to configure proxy on android smartphone.

Setting up a proxy on Android: how does it work?

Setting up a proxy server on Android is a much easier task than it seems. All you need is the necessary information, which must be entered directly into the interface provided for this purpose. Here’s how:

  • Access Settings your Android smartphone
  • go to section Wireless
  • To do long press the network name you want to connect with a proxy
  • press on Change/Manage Network Settings
  • In the dialog that opens, tap . Show advanced settings
  • Tap the drop-down menu in the Proxy section and then select the option. Manual to perform manual configuration
  • at field level proxy hostname, enter the address of the proxy server followed by the connection port in the field just below. Both information should be given to you by the proxy service provider or the IT department of the organization to which the network you want to connect to.
  • Press the button to confirm the configuration Save.
  • Manual Proxy Setup on Android

Automatic proxy configuration on Android

Note that it is also possible to perform automatic configuration of the proxy server on your smartphone. On Windows, macOS, and some operating systems, your computer can automatically obtain the proxy configuration when available on the network. But with Android this is not possible. However, you can enter an address that contains the autoconfiguration script contained in a .pac extension file. Example: Select the option to enter the address Auto Setup rather Manual by following the path mentioned above.

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Automatic proxy configuration on Android