How to Completely Silence Your iPhone

Yesterday we showed you an easy way to put a more complex passcode on your iPhone, and today we’re going to share another very simple tip that might save you some trouble.

Imagine you are at the ballet, or at an important business meeting, or in a large university class; The last thing you or the people around you want to hear is your iPhone ringer alerting you of a phone call, a text or your turn in a game.

Maybe you don’t even want to feel the phone vibrating.

In other words, you want to completely silence your iPhone.

Your first instinct will probably be to turn down the volume rocker or toggle the Vibration/Ring switch. I hate to break it but none of this is the solution to your problem.

Rather, there are three solutions. Lucky for you, they’re extremely simple.

1) Go to your iPhone.

Once there, tap .

See the little button at the top? Make sure it is changed to . This will turn your Vibrate/Ring switch into a Silent/Ring switch. And to be sure, you might want to scroll down the list and make sure everything there, from Tweets to Sent Mail to New Voicemail, is set to None at the top.

How to Completely Silence Your iPhone

You’ll also want to switch between and .

How to Completely Silence Your iPhone

These toggles at the bottom should be changed to Off.

Also, make sure you don’t have any Alarms set and this is by design, it is muted even when your phone is muted.

Hopefully, somewhere down the road, Apple lets you mute Alarms even if they’re on.

Siri could handle that, right?


At the top, change to . This will silence your phone, but it will also kill your cellular data, meaning you won’t be receiving email messages, calls or texts.

In some cases, this is exactly what you want to do.


This is the only real way to ensure you don’t hear beeping or buzzing at inappropriate times.

The cops love your iPhone and wait for the power slider to appear. Swipe right once and your iPhone will turn off.

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