How to Close Apps on Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s Surface Pro series has inspired an entirely new form factor, the Windows 2-in-1. There isn’t a single Microsoft hardware partner that hasn’t released its own version of the Surface Pro 4. Surface Pro 4s can do a lot.

It’s a bit confusing for some, too. The device does not look like a laptop when not paired with the Type Cover accessory. It doesn’t necessarily work like one. By default, Windows 10 allows the Surface Pro 4’s software to change based on the types of accessories it detects. Disconnect your keyboard and Surface Pro 4 will ask you if you want to turn on Tablet Mode, which has its own quirks, gesture commands, and ways to do things. Windows 10 is the latest operating system upgrade from Microsoft.

Here’s how to close apps on Surface Pro 4.

Before You Begin

How you close apps on Surface Pro 4 depends on a system called Continuum. Continuum is what allows the device to adapt to the input methods you use. This is how the Surface knows to ask you if you want to enter or exit Tablet Mode.

Plug in or unplug your Surface Pro 4 keyboard; You are asked if you want to enter or exit Tablet Mode. You can manually turn the feature on or off from the Settings app. Tablet Mode is key here because if Tablet Mode is turned on, the methods of closing the apps you can use will change.

Must Be Mobile It has a detailed breakdown of how Tablet Mode works on all Windows 10 devices.

Closing Apps and Programs on Surface Pro 4 with Mouse

Closing apps on the Surface Pro 4 when Tablet Mode is not on isn’t all that different from what was found in previous versions of Windows. Look for the X in the upper-right corner of each window. Click that X and the app will close.

Close apps on Surface Pro 4 (1)

Note that programs that you download and install from the web, not the Windows Store, are closed the same way. When you close an app, it closes forever. Programs can still run in the background and consume battery life. It’s important to check the notification area in the Taskbar to make sure that any program you don’t want to run is not running.

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How to Close Apps and Programs on Surface Pro 4 in Tablet Mode with Touch

When your Surface Pro 4 doesn’t detect a keyboard, it will ask you if you want to enter Tablet Mode. Tablet Mode is designed to make life easier for those who prefer to touch or navigate Windows 10 with the Surface Pen. It also makes it easy to close apps on the Surface Pro 4.

In Tablet Mode, you’ll notice that the apps you downloaded from the Windows Store are both missing the X on the right side of the title bar, which you normally use to close them. You have to swipe down on the top edge of these apps to reveal the Title Bar.

Windows 10’s Tablet Mode also has another way of closing apps. Instead of just swiping down on the top edge of your screen, place your finger on top of an app and drag it all the way to the bottom of the screen.

Close Apps and Programs on Surface Pro 4 with Task View

Finally, there’s the Task View. Task View, added with Windows 10, allows you to create virtual desktops to organize all your apps and programs based on the activities you are currently doing. To make it easy to move apps and programs between desktops, Task View also provides a complete overview of every app or program you have open. Because of its ability to see every application or program open on your PC, Task View is a great tool for closing them.

Tap or click to the right of the search bar at the bottom of your screen.

Close apps on Surface Pro 4 (2)

If you’re in Tablet Mode, you’ll notice that each app or program already has an X next to it, making it possible to turn it off. Outside of Tablet Mode, you have to hover over the apps you want to close with your mouse cursor before you see the X.

Close Apps and Programs from the Taskbar on Surface Pro 4

When not in Tablet Mode, right-click on an open app or program icon in the Taskbar to get a pop-up menu. Inside this drop-down menu are options to pin and close apps.

Whichever way you decide to close your apps or programs on your Surface Pro 4, always remember to save your work before doing it. Windows Store apps – like Word and OneNote – are automatically saved. Most programs don’t do this and you don’t want to lose any work just because you closed the wrong application.

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Closing apps on Surface Pro 4 (3)

Also, keep in mind that closing apps downloaded from the Windows Store won’t necessarily extend your device’s battery life. Windows does a great job of making sure that apps downloaded from the Windows Store don’t drain power or performance when not in use. You want to stay alert when it comes to programs you download from the Internet. Windows 10 can’t manage them yet. They can harm battery life and performance.

Good luck with your Surface Pro 4.

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